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  1. Thanks, EGR rep says the items are being shipped to dealers this week. Still hoping WeatherTech will get on the ball and get the vent deflectors and no-drill mud flaps to the market for the 2020 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD.
  2. 2020 GMC 3500HD with our 2020 5th Wheel Trailer equipped with LED lighting connected and the truck off and locked the trailer tail lights blink every 10-15sec. From reading previous post I've learned that this is a result of the truck/trailer security system. Not all trailers with LED lights are affected so it appears to be random units. GM supposedly knows about the issue dating back to 2019 truck models. I asked my dealer about this "issue" and the service writer said he had never heard of the problem. He wanted me to leave the truck with them for the day so the dealer tech could call the GM factory techs to see what or if there was a fix. I declined to leave my truck for something that is easily fixed by just unplugging the 7 pin trailer connection when parked for a long period of time but would still like a permanent fix from GM if there is one. Anyone know of a fix at this time?
  3. Anyone having any luck getting the 2020 Chevy/GMC Crew Cab 2500/3500 Side Window Vent Shades made by EGR through your dealer? I've had a set on order for over a month now and still don't have them. I realize the strike may be the reason for the delay. WeatherTech still does not show anything compatible on their website nor does any other vendor list vent visors.
  4. Looking for the correct part number for the 2020 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD Trailer TPMS Part Number. The GMC website lists two different TPMS. Looking specifically for the Trailer Tire TPMS part number. Thank You
  5. I just sent an email to my dealer asking for the Order Number. I'm guessing they will not give it to me but if they do I will use it to see for myself the progress.
  6. I have the VIN as I actually traded in my 2018 Chevy 2500HD High Country as part of the deal. As the dealer didn't have my truck on their lot I'm still driving the High Country that now belongs to the dealer as they paid off the truck according to my credit union. I'm trying to stay positive and given the sale price of the 3500HD CC plus what they gave me for my High Country and now the added accessories and making my first payment all I can do is wait. I will see if I can find information about how to actually find a person at GM who will give me the info based upon my VIN.
  7. Update from my dealer: Random built units are pulled off the assembly line for quality control checks. Mine was one of the one's pulled for inspection. The factory can hold the unit for 30 days before they release it for shipping to the dealer. According to the dealer, mine has to be released for shipping no later than Sept. 9th. It's been tagged for priority shipping once released as it's a sold unit. Guess it's just the luck of the draw on my part to purchase a unit not on the dealers lot. The good news is that the dealer is going to add the Trailer TPMS, front & rear premium all weather GMC floor liners and make my first payment. Still not happy with how this whole transaction is going but not much I can do at this point.
  8. PullRite and Demco are both in the process of manufacturing an adapter setup for the 2020 GM OEM puck mounts and hope to have them available in the next couple weeks. This is important for those of us that have already have the PullRite SuperGlide or Demco Autoslide. PullRite states that their GM OEM puck adapter rails will raise the SuperGlide approx 4" compared to the ISR rails. Demco did not say how much their adapter rails would raise their Autoslide but I'm guessing it will be about the same as PullRite. Neither company would provide a timeline as to when they would have a OEM puck slider hitch available without having to use the adapter rails.
  9. I purchased a 2020 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HD CC on August 16, 2019 from my local GMC dealer. Prior to making the purchase the dealer stated that the truck was due to be dropped any day. I made the deal for the 3500HD with the understanding that it was at the Kent, Washington holding lot awaiting transport to the dealer. Several days went by and I inquired as to where the truck was. The salesman said that it had an actual drop date of August 21st but it could be sooner. Last Friday I contacted the dealer and asked where my truck was? I was told that it was actually still at the factory going through Quality Control but not to worry as it had been "Red Tagged" for expedited shipping. Here it is August 20th so I decided to contact my salesman and ask if the truck had been dropped or at least at the Kent holding yard? The salesman said that he had asked his GM about the truck and was told that it was still going through Quality Control and they have no date for delivery. Needless to say I'm not happy about this situation. Is there something wrong with the latest production run or a parts shortage that keeps the factory from shipping mine and I'm guessing a lot of other peoples/dealers 3500HD's?
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