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  1. I would think they would want engine coolant warm asap to get better gas mileage. Cold=more fuel, I thought the OEM's were all about CAFE?
  2. Looks like it's for early build 2014, #PI1140 Dose have a part number for 14-15 emblem 23432550. Can't seem to up load pics, there too big
  3. Thought I saw a service bulletin for this, something about missing emblem at delivery.
  4. I'm not saying your wrong with your 97, but if it had rear heat, those did seem to take a while to warm up. And my 16, it is what it is. I'm just not overly impressed, but I might not be with something else either.
  5. Yes true, I do have a crew cab and lots of space in there. I have been keeping track of ambient temp and engine coolant temp. This morning at 27 deg and a 25 minute trip in city driving coolant temp only got up to 175. I'm comparing cabin comfort to my 1998, at about 10-15 min it would almost melt your skin.
  6. not what I wanted to hear. Single digets takes over 25min to blow good heat
  7. I been told GMC warranty work pays more than Chevy, seems like b.s., so Chevy techs love GMC
  8. Give the shop a chance to make it right. I've been on both sides of this, used to sling tires at a chain store, I can see messing up 1 rim. Owned had to by a couple be cause of me, 1 was being careless, some others was equipment failure. Messing up 2 or more is unacceptable Also have had dealer damage rims on my current truck, only had 700 miles on them. They did nothing for me " it's on the inside, and you can't see it, and GM won't cover it". Haven't been back to said dealer. PS those look pretty bad
  9. I also went to a diffrent dealer from where I purchased my truck, and they were great about getting me a loaner. At first I was going to let them have my truck for the day, but They were going to need it for more than a day and almost insisted I take a loaner.
  10. At 210 both hoses should be warm, t-stat should be open. I think the t-stat is on lower right by water pump, unless is got changed in 2014 and up. My gauge is at about 1/4 and both heater hoses are barely warm, but I think I have some issues going on. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question
  11. Going to dealer in tuesday the 27th. Noticed vents by feet are noticeably colder than defrost and center vents.
  12. Nope, overflow tank is full. It's only got 2100miles on it, better be full, or I got other issues.
  13. Been using manual setting, with auto it will almost never "satisfy" and runs at high fan speed. Yes I am aware modern engines don't need to warm up, I just enjoy having a warm truck when I jump in it. And it should be warmer after about 30 minutes of run time.
  14. Green Bay, yes I agree will take a long time idiling. My 1998 seemed to blow warm in about 10 minutes or so at same ambient temp. Even driving in the city seems to take longer than I think it should.
  15. I have to do both remote starts (20 min) to get almost anything out the vents, and temp gauge still not to 160 degrees. No check engine, no t-stat code. Ambient temp has been about 5 to 10 Fahrenheit
  16. Is anybody else having problems with truck taking for ever to warm up. Also doesn't seem to blow good heat after warm up, and not much airflow from defrost. HVAC actuators have been recalibrated. Next step is dealer, just want to know if this is a common issue
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