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  1. I am going the chrome route for now. I bought chrome handles, rocker trim (basically everything an ltz would have) and will do the grill insert too. trying to figure out wheels and tires now
  2. RT is a little pricey for me. Any opinions on the Toyo A/T open country I mentioned? I found a set of wheels I'm interested in and it already has those tires on it.
  3. Toyo A/T Open Country LT275/65R20 My truck currently has stock tires on 18's, but that's going to be the first thing to go. I'll never be towing over 8,000 lbs and I'll probably never max out the payload, but will be driving in muddy bean fields / cornfields in the winter for hunting. I'm not going to be doing a lift or leveling kit. Will these tires be aggressive enough for some kansas bean fields or should I do a good looking highway tire for spring/summer/fall and the aggressive a/t for winter? thanks in advance!
  4. If you can find a 2016, perhaps. I'm not aware of any special incentives right now. Laura is only doing 10-14% off.
  5. I have the black lt tow mirrors. I probably won't drop the money on the power folding mirrors but I read about a chrome cap
  6. I bought an LT but want the LTZ look. I found several sites that sell the chrome mirror caps, chrome door trim, window trim, and rocker trim, but none of it is 2500 specific, seems like it is mostly for 1500's (or is it the same part?) Is there a good website for these items or does anyone have part numbers? Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Since it's a CPO vehicle I'm not going to do anything to the exhaust or motor for now. Mostly looking for visual stuff. I'm trying to decide between black emblems and door handles and going all chrome like on an LTZ/Denali
  8. Just upgraded my 2003 half ton with 210k to a 2016 duramax. I was between white and black and ended up getting a good deal on a white LT with leather. I really wanted a high country but couldn't afford it. I'm trying to decide if I want to paint the bumper white and whether I should do black accents and wheels, or chrome. It has white door handles and not much trim right now (pics attached) I am not a fan of the current chrome bumper without the rest of the chrome trim pieces like on an LTZ. First thing I'm going to do is tint the windows but beyond that I'm looking for ideas. Would appreciate any photos of white HD's. I won't be lifting it (at least not more than 2") I'm just not a fan of the look. I would prefer to stick with Chevy wheels (maybe 2013 LTZ 20's) and more aggressive A/T tires. I would also like to get the thin wheel well edge piece (not sure what it is called) that the Sierra Denalis and All-Terains have.
  9. Looking at two trucks at a dealer (both brand new) .. the 2500 is discounted more right now, bringing it to the same price as the 1500 , all other options being equal. Is there any reason not to get the 2500? I'm not worried about the rougher ride, and I'm OK with the longer bed - seems like a no brainer since re-sale should be higher on the 2500 right?
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