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  1. Ya I know. The guy was making up a bunch of crap and trying to flex. Saying it’s an $8k option and all this other bogus stuff. I wanted to double check just Incase he WAS correct but I’ve been around long enough to know when someone is full of it.
  2. I figured as much. Guy says it was a swap and it’s a commercial fleet special. The bullshit was so thick I needed waders to walk through it
  3. So an individual is claiming to have a 12 speed Allison swap in their 2020 2500. My BS Meyer is off the charts but I figured I’d ask the forum to confirm or deny if this is a thing. I searched all over and couldn’t find any information about this.
  4. Will be buying a 3.0 duramax after it’s been out for a couple years. I’m sold with the mpg, the power, and I absolutely love how they’re going with a straight 6. I’m excited to see how these engines do when deleted, tuned, and better breathing. I swore I’d never buy another Chevy 1500, but the fact that GM is now up to par on safety technology (compared to f150), and they made the trucks with more storeage and room makes it more interesting. I Only will tow a trailer with shifter karts so maybe 3,000 lbs tops. Perfect rig for camping and snow. I’m very please with their 10 spd too. GM has earned my business back and won me over from Ford.
  5. It’s not that big of a discount really. It’s just a way for them to get you in the dealership.
  6. Truth be told. That’s one of the reasons I got rid of my rig. The 8 spd didn’t act right at all! I HATE dodge, but you’re right, their trans shift amazing. Not too sure if you’ve driven the f150, but it’s one of the smoothest trucks I’ve ever driven. I hope these new chevys can compete.
  7. 10 spd trans is going to make it quicker. Better fuel Econ and 450 lbs lighter. That’s quite the change though. At least they didn’t reduce power like the leaked numbers showed.
  8. Disappointed with these power numbers. I was hoping for a nice increase. Time to wait and see what ford does for 2020.
  9. Oh my dear lord! I like what I see with the HD! I’m still waiting for the new HP numbers to come out for the 6.2 and the 5.3. I imagine ford will just beat the numbers again when they redesign though.
  10. That Sierra doesn’t look too good from the pictures. Looks like the unwanted love child of an F-150 and a Tundra. Still looks better than the new fiats though. Those fiats are some of the most hideous looking trucks I’ve ever seen.
  11. Or you call it what it’s called like an adult instead of a childish little bitch.
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