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  1. you see the top left corner of your mats how it's a little bit off of the interior frame of the door? yeah that's the beginning of what happened to both of my sets. It ended up getting super warped it really sucks and there isn't much you can do. Perhaps it depends on the climate you live in. I even tried putting them out in the sun and then reforming them a bit to fix but it was too late. I'm happy with the rubber type of weathertechs I have for now but they don't have as much coverage, next time I'll go with the Husky's for sure.
  2. We had the "laser cut" weather techs in the front of our suburban after a while they get warped and become more of a pain in the ass. I replaced them once with another set up front wondering if we did something wrong or didn't take good care of them and it happened again. The next time we ordered the rubber (and much cheaper) version from weather tech for the front and are super happy with them. I will also say I have the rear seat weather techs in both our suburban and the silverado I think it's great in the rear for full coverage and have experienced no movement or warping
  3. Just joined up I have owned a 2011 Chevrolet Suburban 1500 LT with 4x4 for about 4 years now, have 95k miles on it. Also just bought a used 2006 Chevy Silverado 1500 LT 4x4 with Z71 package with 55k miles on it a few weeks ago. It has a 6" lift and 3" body lift sitting on 37s. The suspension needed some work I just had Bilstein 5160s put in the back and 5100s up front replacing the ProComp MX6s that were totally shot. Along with ripping out the CherryBomb and putting some Flowmaster exhaust American Thunder series, I replaced the lower ball joints and some other misc stuff as well. Here is a pic I took before the shocks etc got put in, I'll post a new one soon And a shot of the both of them next to each other
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