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  1. Has anyone ever found the TSB for this? I took my truck in for it's free oil change and asked about this exact symptom, they could not replicate this sound. I hear it all the time, but of course I drive my truck. Thanks! t_bare
  2. Blow it out with a leaf blower, electric preferred, hit it from all sides including into the vents to plow it up and out. t_bare
  3. I have not been able to get it to work well. I can Waze to work with my Iphone but it keeps changing from playing XMradio to Itunes at every alert. t_bare
  4. MIne did it a couple of weeks ago, twice now since I bought it on Halloween. My service manager told me it is was SirriusXM update. It took a couple hours. I was pretty damn annoying. t_bare
  5. Figure out how much total you are willing to spend including your trade. Go in towards the end of the month and make your best deal. You shouldn't care how they write the deal on trade value, for tax purposes the more "value" they give your trade the less you pay in sales tax. Buy towards the end of the month and promise a glowing survey response when it comes. Good Luck, t_bare
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