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  1. Hey guys I got a 17 suburban and I wanted to know some options or apinions on a cold air intake stystem I was leaning towards s Volant anyone have any experience in which one makes the most power truck also has a diablo tune on it
  2. I hope someone will do it and give part # fast. Thanks for all the info guys.
  3. My wireless charger isn’t working on my 17 suburban premier I have a iPhone 8 and it doesn’t work does anyone know why
  4. Hey guys so here's a update I took my SUV in for service the trans guys did feel what I was talking about. I called Gm and told them the problems I had and they was looking into a buy back law. For me. But before Gm called me back The dealer called me and told me they found a engine miss fire code. But after Gm called the dealer they said no such thing ever happened and that this SUV never had a check engine light on before. Which is a lie because I got bad gas at a pump before 87 octane was actually e85 anyway they said there was no problems with the engine or trans. But now the engine doesn't miss fire anymore and the trans don't slip. I believe they fixed it on the sneak and didn't tell Gm about it so they don't take a lost. Also my gas mileage went from 15 highway. To 20 in the city go figure they didn't wanna loose money so they just fixed it. I'm just happy it's okay now... but I don't like because they lied to me gotta love honest people at Gm and dealers
  5. . I don't have any performance mods if that's what your asking. I only changed the wheels and tires truck originally gave with 20 dealer put 22's on it and had to re program the computer for the tire size. And the first time I took it in for service after about a week of owning it because trans was acting up. They had to update the trans mission. But as far as mods truck is bone stock not even a air filter or anything Just wheels n tires
  6. . Please explain what does all of that mean I'm a noob when it comes to that stuff above you quoted so I can tell them I dropped it off yesterday and the tech call me said they needed to update the computer for the mods fire (sure they did probably didn't wanna say I had a burnt wire or something) and the same for the trans.
  7. I took it in for service yesterday and I went for a spin with the transmission service head tech. It hit so hard from reverse to drive that he joked about it saying he didn't feel anything. And told me. To a bring it back Monday night so he can look at it Tuesday morning otherwise it was just gonna sit at the dealer over the weekend and he don't work Monday. So I guess we'll see what he says And I drove another one on the lot. Didn't have not one issue at all everything worked fine
  8. Well in southern Wisconsin where I do most of my driving speed limit is 70 so traffic always does at least 80 until they see a cop lol
  9. 17 suburban 4x4 premier trans issues from r to d or feels like I natural drop the thing engine feels like it's miss firing after driving for a while rear blower motor went out driver seat cut third row seat won't go all the way flat
  10. Also have a problem now that the engine feels likes it's miss firining after I drive it for a while. At a red light completely stopped car feels like it's miss firing. And my rear blower motor for heat/act is making a crazy loud noise.
  11. It doesn't slip charging on up shifts trust me I even laid rubber down spun out all first then shifted into 2nd just to see perfectly fine. And fun just going to reverse to drive feel like I Neutral dropped the thing
  12. I took it to. 2 different dealers the one I bought it from lynch Gm super store in Burlington wi and lynch Kenosha wi both said the same thing. You wouldn't know a dealer you could recommend me to in nothren il or southern wi by any chance. And thank you the wheels is why I bought it honestly and if you have some tires like that I can get you some pretty cheap instead of paying full price for vouges and there brand new with the labels on them and everything
  13. Hey guys so I bought a 17 premier about 2 months ago and I have had some trans problems took it to the dealer about 4-5 times for this problem and they can't figure it out. When going from reverse to drive. And give gas. It slips it does it when fully stopped and still rolling about 1-3 mph took it to the dealer and they said it's 50-50 some of do it some don't. And it does it when it wants to but when it does it sucks and does it a lot . When it don't it's fine And said it was a shutter issue and that the trans is electronic and it's shifting between gears when I give gas but I think it's a bad trans Wondering if anyone else had this problem
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