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  1. Thanks to all for your replies, it is appreciated. You all have a good one. Take care.
  2. Maybe there is not a answer, but as a engineer, it seems that factory settings should be default by nature unless there is a addendum to the spec. The truck seems to be running fine, will know for sure by the end of the week. Thank you for taking the time to reply, it is appreciated. Have a good night.
  3. O_J: Excellant suggestion with the exception that Autozone is a US chain and their products are available only the American public who are also used to using buckets of steam for engine cleaning. Sad!
  4. Good Morning - I know this is not a new topic, but in reading many comments on the site I still cannot find a answer. The volt meter on the truck has indicated 14 volts since the day it came from the dealer nearly 31/2 years ago and 100,000 K's (Canada) This past week I had to have it serviced, the solenoid on the exhaust cannister stuck open, the engine lite came on and the volt meter bounced around. This was all repaired at the dealer, plus a full inspection of the electrical system (printout). Now the vehicle starts at 14 volts, then drops off to about 12 volts. The dealer tells me that all is well, it is operating as it should. My Question: When the vehicle leaves the factory, the output to the system is 14 volts 24/7 - when it is repaired or checked, it runs at 12 +/- volts. Is the setting from the factory wrong, or is the setting from the dealer wrong, and why the differential between the two. The vehicle has run perfectly until this incident prior to any service. I will know today if there is any difference in performance as we have a short highway trip. Thanks for your help, it is appreciated.
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