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    Gettin work and play dirty. The louder it blows the better it is. Between fun and hunting time, I love ta be with my family
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    Completely replaced the dinner switch and that whole cluster.. still a no go. Could it be just a completely fried wire leading to the terminal. Just curious cause I'm about to try and replace the whole instrument panel. What are thoughts on that??? Thank y'll for all the help. It's beyond appreciated

    Yes, checked both. Going in today to check about possible relay probs. Hoping that's it
  3. So, like a dumbass I let a residential electrician try and hook up my new led Lightbar system. Well after he blew several fuses and actually melted a wire I made him stop. I'll figure out the lights by myself (usually do anyhow), but after he did whatever he did I no longer have dash lights at all, my heater and ac lights no longer come on either. Warning lights still work, and so does my message display. I've checked all fuses and they're good. Could it be a relay or something? I do alot of night driving and really need my lights back on. Any help or suggestions will definitely be tried. Thank you

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