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  1. Cheating neighbors

    So.., I have been in my house for 15 years ,and right next door is vacant lot that belonged to my cousin I expressed my interest in purchasing it years ago and she said she wasn’t going to sell it,it had sentimental value to her but she would give me first dibs on it when she was ready to sell .so being the sucker I am I took care of the property for 15 yrs and a couple of months ago she came to me and said she was ready to sell ., So I had it appraised it came in at 3500.00 she said I could buy it for 10 grand I told her when she came back to earth and got reasonable to get ahold of me . In the mean time I checked with the other neighbor that was on the other side of this lot to see if they had any interest in the lot ,initially they didn’t and then they came to me and said if I was willing to split it we could each take half,I said sure ,but let the owner contact us so we wouldn’t seem so eager to buy and get it cheaper they agreed .., Well what do you know my neighbor went behind my back and purchased the lot for 5000.00 without me knowing and came to me and told me I could still split it And even though I was frickin livid that she wen t behind my back and did that I agreed .the next day I went to bank to get the money and I got home and my neighbor had called and left an message stating that she changed her mind and she didn’t want to split it any more......... what do I do ?

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