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  1. Towing question

    I just traded my 2011 ltz z71 for a 2017 lt z71 all star. The 2011 towed my 9200 lbs camper up mountains just fine, no heat problems with the motor or the transmission. Just had to be sure it was at 4K rpm at the base of the mountain or it was a slow ride up! When I shopped for the 2017 Silverado I looked for the RPO code z82 (silver sticker in the glove box has all the RPO codes) and an external transmission cooler ( KNP), I also had to have the factory trailer brake. Here is the RPO url , http://media.gm.com/media/us/en/chevrolet/vehicles/silverado/2017.tab3.html#top_s The 2017 has more HP an torque than the old vortec, so it should do the job just fine! The transmission cooler is the key to towing, if you don't have one you can add an aftermarket cooler. My 2011 and 2017 can display the transmission temperature on the dash, yours probably does also.

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