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  1. Hey migizi Thanks for the website suggestion. Checked a local salvage yard today they have one out, sitting on the shelf for $500. With the holidays I'm really not going to have time to check on it. So I may start looking after the first of the year. Thanks for all the advice and info. I'm sure I'll be on here a lot more as I get into this thing. I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas!
  2. I was finally able to make contact with my guy with the scanner. Everything and I mean everything is working perfectly. It shows transfer case motor engaging into 4Hi, 4LO, 4wd Auto, and back to 2Hi. He checked several other things as well. Looks like I may need a new alternator but that is an easy replacement. So the verdict it that the transfer case is shot, junked, or whatever adjective you would like to use. It's a mechanical issue. The way it is "hopping" the front end he said the chain might be stretched. So I am going to continue driving the truck just as a 2 wheel drive until I have time to yank the Tcase out and get to the shop to open it up and see what is going on. I figured this was the problem in the back of my mind but was hoping for something easy. Oh well. I got the truck for nothing and only bought wiper blades, new plugs, new wires, new U Joints and Carrier Bearing. So I'm not in too deep yet. Hope this helps anyone that reads this. Thanks for all the help everyone. Merry Christmas to ALL! P.S. What forum do I need to go to for a speedometer issue on this truck?
  3. Well the scan of my truck will finally happen tomorrow Thursday 12/21/17. He's been hung up on a big job this week. Since he's going to do it for nothing I can't really complain. I have my fingers crossed for good news of some kind. I will update as soon as I get some for more info.
  4. Finally made contact with "my guy" who has the proper scanner. I should have the verdict by noon on Tuesday 12/19/17. So it will be good news or bad news I guess depends on how I look at it. But at least I should have an answer. I will try to update tomorrow with what I find out. Hopefully my experience will help someone else out there. Good night everyone!
  5. I have an update. I took the truck on the "back" street again but this time I pulled into a gravel drive that goes into a farm field. I put the truck in 4Hi and I accelerated a bit and the truck moved 15 feet or so. Light illuminated showing 4Hi. Then the front tires started to grab and pull at the gravel and I basically was stopped. So, I shut the truck off and turned it to run, put it back into 2Hi and I could hear the Transfer Case Motor disengaging. So I put it into 4Hi and I heard it move again. Put the truck into neutral and put it in 4Lo. The motor is working. Once I put it back in 2Hi everything becomes normal. I went up and turned around and headed back. Once I was straight I put the truck in 4Lo. Light came on indicating position 4Lo, I put it in drive and it took off, so I accelerated a bit and the truck basically came to a stop. It feels like something is possibly binding up? I switched back to 2Hi and headed home. I thought I better try 4wdAuto. Pushed the button and really nothing happened other than the steering became a bit stiff, but it was drive-able, no issue. So I parked it back up on the curb until I can either get it scanned by a Tech II or someone on here as other options for me to try. Thanks again everyone for the help!
  6. I sent a Text message to someone that might have access to one. That would be the easiest way for sure. Thanks!
  7. I am a brand new member as of 5 minutes ago. I have browsed the forum for years. A little background on the truck. 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 Extended Cab 3rd door only, Long Bed 4 x 4, 6.0 liter with 242,500. It was purchased brand new in 2000. It used to belong to my wife's grandpa. He mainly pulled a 32' Goose Neck, 3 Horse Slant Trailer. With the horses and tack a little over the rated 10,000# towing limit but performed very well. He was very easy on the truck but didn't believe in preventative maintenance other than an oil change and a serpentine belt. If something broke he complained and wanted the cheapest fix! Over the years I have helped him replace several items on the truck. Specifically the Right Front Hub in 2013 along with the 4wd Switch in the cab. It does have the Auto 4wd Mode. My wife's grandfather passed away in December of 2014. The truck wasn't used much from 2014 until now. My wife's grandma gave me the truck because she knew I was the only one to take care of it. Plus, I had to get rid of my 2007 Chevy 2500HD Extended Cab Classic 4 x 4 when my son was born in September 2014. Ok, after receiving the truck I did the typical things. New wiper blades, new air filter, new cabin filter to start. Granny just had the oil changed. The driveshaft and U-joints were the original. My father has been on the drive line business for 45+ years. So this week, we replaced the front and rear U-joints, brand new carrier bearing and made sure it was balanced. We also replaced the U-joints in the Transfer Case Drive Shaft as well. All with Spicer/Dana joints and bearings. Also put in new OEM Spark Plugs and Wires. The truck runs smooth and screams now. I have to park the truck up on the curb in front of my house. So the other day I thought I would put it in 4hi to put it up on the curb. Well that was a good idea and a bad idea depending on your stance. I pushed the 4Hi button, after a few seconds the light showed 4hi but when I went to accelerate the front wheels acted like they were grabbing, then slipping and I basically couldn't move very far. I put it back in 2Hi and everything was normal. So, I tried it again and the same issue. I was stumped, been driving 4 wheel drive trucks for 26 years. So I went on the back street no kids, no cars. I dropped it into neutral and hit the 4Low button. Heard the usual clunk and the light was illuminated I was in 4Low. Put the truck in drive and started off no issue, didn't go 20 feet and I just stopped moving. So pushed on the accelerator and no movement. I even revved the engine to 4,000 RPM and the truck didn't move. So back in neutral and back to 2Hi. Took off like everything is ok. Ran it up the street about a mile and back no issues. So here I am looking for any and all advice anyone can give. At no time did it ever display a warning in the Message Center. I know it works, because I was low on washer fluid the other day, and the security light comes on when getting into the truck. My mechanic didn't mention noticing anything while removing the front Transfer Case Drive Shaft. Thanks for letting me join and post. Looking forward to hear what the group has to say. Thank you.
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