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  1. 4wd issues

    My dad bought the battery from Blain's, so it was brand new and its the same as the one that was in there before. It is still -10 today so I don't think I would be able check all of the battery stuff until it gets warmer. I did try disconnecting the batter for a half hour and touching the cables together, but that didn't seem to work. My dad told me that the truck was in 2wd drive when he turned it on after replacing the battery but it was in 4hi when it turned off and stalled. Everything electric works in the truck, the 4x4 it the only thing that doesn't work.
  2. 4wd issues

    My battery died when it was well below -20 on my way home from work, I was in 4hi at the time my truck shut off and stalled. The following day my dad and I went out and tried to jump start my truck but that didn't work so we ended up just putting a new battery in. Ever since then none of the 4x4 modes in the truck will work, the light changes on the button like it switched but I don't feel the actual 4x4 engaging. I tried 4lo which works some times, 4hi just doesn't work, and when I try to use the auto4x4 it makes a whining or whirling noise and I'm scared to go over 5mph. Also there is now a rattling noise coming from what sounds like the front passenger area. This is kind of an urgent issue because I live in the middle of no where Iowa where no one bothers to plow the roads so working 4x4 is a necessity. My truck is a 2002 Silverado 1500.

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