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    2018 Chevy Silverado 1500
  1. Running boards

    I am in Nebraska.
  2. I have been looking to find some OEM rectangular running boards for my 2018 1500 cc. Does anyone know if the OEM ones for the diesel with the def tank will work on a 1500. I thought I had read a thread on this a while back but I cannot seem to find it. The only one I found was very vague with the response. I have read the instructions and it seems like they will work but wanted to make sure. Has anyone done this before. They seem to be a lot cheaper online when purchasing. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Yeah I see that but GM needs to take ownership as they put their name on it. I can’t be the only one finding this issue out. And again I can’t give enough thanks to Borla for their awesome sounding exhaust and their great service.
  4. I just purchased a 2018 Chevy Silverado and wanted to get an aftermarket exhaust. I went to the dealership and bought the GM branded Borla dual exhaust. I came to find out that one of the sides of the exhaust sits lower than the other. I called Borla who quickly said it was because GM switched the hanger style at some point and I needed a different rubber isolator. They told me the dealer would have these and to reach out to them. I called the dealer and they did not know anything about this and told me to call GM customer service. I called GM customer service and they told me they relied on the dealer and to contact the dealer. I informed them that they needed to call the dealer as I was not going to get bounced back and forth between the two. So the lady on the phone called a few dealerships. She came back and informed me that the dealerships had different options but I needed to call them to discuss the different sizes and options. I called a different dealership in my area and they stated that they had 2 different sizes of isolators and that they were around $30 a piece. I had them send me pictures of them and one was exactly what I had on there at the moment and the other was not correct either. I called GM again and they again said there is nothing they can do but offered me a $100 credit for service. I do not know what I would use the credit for service for on a brand new truck. An oil change maybe but that's $50 and the rest will go to waste. I called Borla back and they immediately shipped the correct isolator out to me and fixed the problem. I want to say the exhaust sounds great and just want to compliment Borla on their customer service that they gave. However on the other hand I am very upset with GM and there lack of any resolution for the issue. Is this common with GM?

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