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  1. On-star bluetooth swap

    My understanding is they changed the VCIM's in '11, so for a 2007-2008 you would need to get an '09 or '10 VCIM to add Bluetooth. I swapped a '10 box into my '08 Yukon and the Bluetooth worked fine.
  2. I did. With the exception of the one referencing the Saab, I had already stumbled upon those threads. I'm not sure it's so much a condition of a black listed VIN (at least not yet). It isn't really that OnStar won't activate the box, but rather that they can't even connect to it to even try. That would imply to me that something on the cellular side of this VCIM is messed up or not functional as it should be. When hitting the OnStar button in the vehicle it tries to dial out to OnStar, but will never actually connect. So, OnStar can't get to the point of even trying to send any programming or activation signals to the VCIM (or read it's info/state) since a connection can't be established. End of the day, it's disappointing since I wanted to at least try some of the RemoteLink features for the three month trial, but to be honest I'm not sure I would have paid for the service beyond the free trial and since I primarily did the VCIM swap to add Bluetooth functionality to my '08 Yukon Denali, not much is lost. Maybe down the road I might source another '10 VCIM and try it, but for now I did what I set out to do which was get the Bluetooth features.
  3. So, I called OnStar yesterday evening, told them I had tried activating through the OnStar button and it would never connect, and that I had also tried online with the VIN. The OnStar rep said that if it wouldn't connect by pressing the button in the vehicle, there was nothing they could do from their side since it was some type of issue on the vehicle (VCIM) side. Not sure I entirely agree, but I didn't push the issue since I was having to dance around the fact that the VIN I was giving them was from a 2010 Yukon that per the CarFax had been totaled in an accident in 2015, instead of my '08 Denali....LOL. She said my only option was to visit my local dealership where they could diagnose the issue.
  4. Just to provide a further update... I reached out to the junkyard I purchased the VCIM from and was able to get the VIN from the donor vehicle. Thinking that maybe I could try activating the OnStar service using the VIN online I received the following message: "Unable to activate VIN We are unable to complete the activation of this VIN online. Please press your blue button or call 1-888-4-ONSTAR (1-888-466-7827) to speak with an Advisor for assistance."
  5. I've searched, and read most of the threads, and thus far been unable to really find an answer. Earlier this week I swapped a 2010 VCIM out of a Yukon (part # 20829984) into my '08 Yukon Denali. Swap went well, no problems pairing my phone via Bluetooth, all that works. My understanding is starting in '09 is when Bluetooth was added, then starting in '10 is when the RemoteLink app functionality was added, and then from '11+ the connectors changed on the boxes and an adapter is required if retro-fitting. If I understand correctly, on the mirror I should now have a red light instead of a green light since the info (VIN) in the swapped VCIM doesn't match the vehicle VIN correct? My mirror light is still green after several days, key cycles, etc. As for activating an OnStar account. I've never previously had OnStar. If I understand correctly, to activate it, I need to call from the vehicle by hitting the OnStar button, that way when they pull up the module they'll see it as a 2010 Yukon (or whatever the donor vehicle is/was). Per other's experiences, I need to make sure I don't mention anything about what the vehicle really is, that I swapped VCIM's, etc. Now, the problem is I can't seem to connect to an OnStar assistant. I've tried 4-5 times since putting the 2010 VCIM in, from different areas. When I hit the OnStar button, it says "Connecting to OnStar" audibly, and in the DIC on the dash. I get an audible tone every few seconds (like it's "ringing"), but nothing after that. Nobody ever answers no matter how long I wait. With the swapped VCIM, the only way to activate it is this way correct? Since if I try to do it over a regular phone, or online, there's no way to have it link to or recognize the transplanted VCIM unless I'm missing something. I did stumble upon a thread over on a CTS Cadillac forum where someone had posted about the OnStar in their pre-owned vehicle not connecting and an individual claiming to be a tech at a dealer stated that if the VCIM had had the OnStar "disabled" that it would need to be taken in to the dealer to have it "reset" and a temporary number assigned to it so that the OnStar service could then connect to it. Not sure if any of that is accurate or valid, just throwing it out there. I mostly did the upgrade for the Bluetooth functionality, so it isn't the end of the world if I can't get the OnStar working. I did want to get the three month trial though, and give the RemoteLink app a try since being able to remote start out of keyfob range could prove to be handy. Thanks in advance for any insight, assistance, or information.

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