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  1. Bad Bearing Sound

    Thanks Dr. Awesome for the reply. So far two dealers in my area claim they cannot hear anything wrong. I got the truck back yesterday from my last visit and they had the nerve to tell me it was "an exhaust valve" and wanted me to pay $995 for a new exhaust and that this was a TSB. Pure comedy...!! A Frigin Facken Exhaust valve ?Pluuuuuuease Does GM Customer Service monitor this forum like some of the others I've seen them reply on ? I'm at a loss at this point, without now replacing the right front wheel bearing. I'm getting close to trading this pig in and am starting to think that's why the previous owner did the same. Extremely disappointed. its total bull .
  2. I have a 2016 1500 Midnight Crew with the 8-spd. Truck has 45K Been hearing what sounds like a bad wheel bearing ( wo wo wo wo) but I replaced the left front and got brand new Durtracs in an effort to locate. Its most noticeable between 30-40 mph light throttle. Doesn't change pitch in turns though. Its defiantly from the front area of the truck. So baring a dice roll and replacing the right front, I'm looking for other ideas. At highway speeds it cancels itself out. My thought at this point is that it could be (as crazy as it sounds) an Axel bearing at the front diff? Are these even serviceable without pulling the front pumpkin. Sounds like shit at those speeds and is loud enough that comfortable radio volume cannot block it out. Of course dealer blamed everything but the root cause. Drove a 2018 Midnight and its whisper quiet. Huge disappointment. Saved a long time to afford this

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