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  1. So I'm wanting to give my 06 2wd crewcab sierra a slight lift/leveling. Going with 3" spindles and shocks up front and 2" lift blocks and shocks in the rear. I'm pretty mechanically inclined but have never worked on the front suspension. While I'm at it, I'm planning to change all components up front (upper arm with ball joint, lower ball joint, inner and outer tie rods and sway bar end links) to freshen up the suspension a bit. The truck has 142k and the ball joints look beat. I've been watching a few YouTube videos and honestly it doesn't seem that hard. Looks like I'll need a ball joint press and inner tie rod removal tool according to some videos. My question is, is it a big deal to do it on my own? Any tips/advice? I was quoted 190$ for each side up front and 40$ for each side in the rear plus alignment fees. It seems pretty straightforward. Am I opening a can of worms? Should I just pay the "ridiculous fees" imo? As far as tools, I believe I have everything including pneumatic and power tools to remove whatever is needed. Please help... TIA
  2. Dreaded p0449 evap solenoid code

    New evap canister solenoid and new purge valve fixed the problem. Spent about 82$ on parts and installed them myself.
  3. Getting the evap solenoid codes. I ordered the ac delco 214-2082 evap canister + filter? I sent my vin number and was told that was the part I needed. Well I went under my truck today to see where it was located and the existing evap canister only has one entry point for a hose. The new evap canister shows 2 ports. I'm guessing one will connect to the existing hose and the other will be ran up to the transmission where it will connect to the filter that will be included? I have read up on it a little but just not 100% clear. I've got a 06 crew cab sierra btw...
  4. Sierra 1500 vs classic

    I've always like the silverado taillights better. They were a direct fit. The ones I purchased had the harness so it was plug and play.
  5. Can someone tell me the difference between the 2006 GMC sierra 1500 vs the 2006 GMC sierra classic? Which do I have? Here's a pic of mine.... Sorry trying to get some center wheel caps and it's very confusing lol
  6. Ok. So I was finally able to take my 06 5.3L gmc sierra on a road trip. I recently bought the truck. It's obvious the previous owner didn't take much care of it. When I first bought it, I was having the water at blue pcm connector/fan constantly running issue and knock sensor code. I have since fixed both issues. Here's a couple more issues I'd like help on. #1 On this road trip I got the "tighten fuel cap" message followed by a CEL. I also notice a strong fume smell in the cab when I come to a stop and ac is on. The smell isn't there when the truck is moving, it's only when the truck comes to a complete stop. On the road trip the CEL eventually turned off on its own but the smell is still there when I'm at a stop. I checked the fuel cap and it looks to be in good shape. Any clue as to where the fume smell is coming from? Does it have to do with the "tighten fuel cap" message? #2 This road trip had a lot of downhill drives. I noticed I had to be on the brakes constantly. That would cause a bad brake pad smell and heat I'm sure. Does this just mean previous owner installed cheap pads? #3 Both my mirrors move a lot. Not the actual mirrors, just the glass. Is there a way to fix that? It's a little annoying. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. Gasket is in place. Haven't drove through puddles at all Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  8. Safe to open and blowout in your opinion? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  9. I'd really like to know where water is coming in from. Dielectric grease will probably help, but I'd like to get to the bottom of it. I doubt I'm the only one having this issue. Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  10. So I took it apart on Sunday. Blew it out really good, sprayed it down with electronic cleaner. Cleaned up male and female ends with wire brush. Was running fine since then. Well today I noticed the fan was on again while truck was off. Disconnected again and voila, water again! Where the hell is water entering from?! I looked all over and nothing looks wet. Hasn't rained at all (I live in California) anyone have a clue how water gets in there? Please help! I'm about to burn this truck lol Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  11. Resolved in what way? Change out the connector I assume? All the pins were still intact, just a bunch of water and some dielectric grease built up. Cleaned off everything real good, reinstalled the pcm and the truck is running fine with no ses light. I will keep monitoring the fan, but I believe that's what was causing the problems. I read that the bottom pins (those affected) are those of the fan and knock sensors. Is that the case? Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  12. So after some more fiddling with the connector I noticed all this buildup. Blew it all out and cleaned everything out real good. Hoping this was the problem. After I did this, the ses light turned off. Fingers crossed. I do have GM knock sensors, gm harness, felpro intake gasket, felpro throttle body gasket on their way. Will have the knock sensors replaced this week [emoji120] Sent from my SM-G955U using Tapatalk
  13. Newbie here, so be nice 😁 Bought the truck from a private party 3 weeks ago. Seems like the previous owner decided to wash the engine (big mistake) Truck was, and is running fine but getting knock sensor code and fans turn on when vehicle is parked. Searched online and a few people have had this issue. Followed the proper pcm removal and drying method. No corrosion whatsoever, just a bit of water. Plugged back in and cleared codes. 4 days later I jump on the frwy and ses light appears. Get home and check codes. Knock sensor and fan codes appear. I erase them and then out of nowhere fans are on again while truck is parked. Open up the pcm and again, there's water. Anyone else have this issue and found a solution? For now I dried it up and put dielectric grease all the way around the connector to hopefully keep water from seeping in. I even thought about putting the pcm in a plascti bag. Any ideas/suggestions? Like I said before, truck is running perfectly fine.

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