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  1. I left the stock Rancho's in the rear. May upgrade in the future, but the ride is fine this way.
  2. I've got Bilstein 5100's set as high as they go on my '18 CC. It gave me the advertised added height of a little less than 2 inches. There is still a small amount of rake in the front. Others have posted they added a small 1/2 inch spacer under the Bilstein's with no problems, but I have no personal experience with that. Bilstein's alone will not get you the 2.5 inches you are looking for. My ride is great and not harsh with them set at the top notch. I'm running the OEM tire right now ( GSA ) and will be upgrading to 33's here soon.
  3. Leveled my '18 Sierra with Bilstein's set on top notch. No noise, no rough ride. However, I'm not up 2.5" either. Ended up as advertised. About 1.85"
  4. I've got it too on my '18 Sierra. I hope it doesn't get any worse. If it does, I'll have the dealer look at it before my bumper to bumper expires.
  5. That's a great deal. Went on their website, just wish I wasn't over 3 hrs away.
  6. Installed Bilstein's at the top notch. Raised the front as advertised, just shy of 2". Rides fine. Still about a 1" rake from front to back even tho the picture doesn't quite show it. I'm good with the stance and happy I used the top notch. 2018 Z71 with stamped arms. Stock size tires for now. Plan to upsize to 33"
  7. So did the lift or level you did cause your stock size tire to rub the control arm as the previous poster had mentioned? I've got a set of Bilsteins ready to go on my '18 SLT and leaning towards the highest setting.
  8. 2018 SLT crew cab with 6.2 bought at the end of June. MSRP $55K. Got it for $39,500 + title & tax & doc. fee. This is without GM points. Incentives were great then. Yes it came from Laura. FYI... Laura has a '18 CC All Terrain SLT 6.2 on their website. MSRP $58 Sale Price $47,800 $10K off Trades at Laura are usually not that good tho.
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