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  1. Picked up my truck today. Read through the work order, they ended up replacing the entire oil pump. also read that there’s an issue with the main wiring harness that seems related to the oil pump issue. They replaced that entire wiring harness as well. they listed having to drain the AC system to replace the pump and had to refill that as well. couple of things to note. oil pressure should idle around 40-45 and not really go above 60 when accelerating even when on the highway. I’ll try to update in about a month.
  2. Took the truck to the dealer, they called about an hour later and said they needed to replace the engine oil control solenoid. The great news here is it’s not the oil pump and IT IS COVERED UNDER WARRANTY. I’m ecstatic because the solenoid is located inside the pump and is rated as a 14+ hour job even in the dealers service department. best news I’ve had all year. I’ll update again once I pick up the truck.
  3. I should note, everything seems completely normal. Including engine oil pressure, fluctuates from 40's to high 50's (upwards of 60) depending on rate of acceleration, which it's always done as far as I can remember (original owner) **I added this to the updates in the original post, I wrote the pressure numbers down incorrectly as I was trying to go from a visual memory while sitting at my computer and trying to remember what the pressure gauge looked like in my head.**
  4. 2014 Silverado V6 4.3L 1500 double-cab Z71 4x4 LT Model - 75,500 miles Check engine light came on about 2 days ago on my way to work. Stopped at the auto parts that afternoon when I went to lunch and I had the P06DA - Engine Oil Pressure Circuit / Open code. Called the dealer where I got the truck. They want me to bring it in for diagnostics, which is fine. But I always try Google first as I have 0 trust for sales, service and mechanics. I've read a few things about this on Google, but seeing it on Chrysler 200 3.6L's and Silverado 5.3L's. Mine is the 4.3L. Wondered what it could be, doesn't seem to be a lot of solid answers. Service dept. said it could be the sensor at around $120 to fix, no biggie.... or the oil pump at $2k, a bit more of a biggie. She also made sure to state the obvious, that it's not covered under warranty, because nothing is ever covered under warranty. If it's the oil pump, is this repairable myself? If I need to remove the motor, or it's a 10+ hour job, then it's a no-go for me and I'll be crying my way into the dealers service department. I read about solenoids, but seems to be on the 5.3 - service lady said she sees nothing on a solenoid, only a sensor or a whole new pump. Again, I will be taking in to place on diagnostics, unless I'm missing all the right Google results... I will try to update as I notice/find out more things, I will also try to provide as much detail as possible in case this appears for anyone else. ***Update 1*** I should note, everything seems completely normal. Including engine oil pressure, fluctuates from 40's to high 50's (upwards of 60) depending on rate of acceleration, which it's always done as far as I can remember (original owner) - oil pressure is actually about 45-50 when sitting idle, highway acceleration is around 60-70 - city acceleration is around 55-65. doesn't go above 70, doesn't quite reach 70 either, more like high 60's ***Update 2*** Went ahead and got an oil and filter change as it was close to due. Nothing noted from the garage, pressure was fine and no metal shavings or anything in the oil. Also, I've been monitoring engine temp and other things I can think of. No changes in engine temp or anything else suspicious. One thing to note, remote start no longer functions due to the check engine light. This is a safety feature due to a check engine line appearance and completely unrelated to the P06DA code issue. ***Update 3*** Might be being paranoid, but I'm kind of putting myself in that overly worried state. I think there's a bit of a whine, kind of like a power steering whine. But again, I'm trying to be overly cautious, so it might be completely normal, I can't recall now as I'm trying to look for anything abnormal and might be over thinking it. ***Update 4*** Diagnostics test scheduled for this coming Tuesday (4 days from now) test will likely take all day, I will update with the results afterward. Decided to monitor mileage and the trucks ability to shift in and out of V4. Truck no longer shifts into V4, stays in V6 always. Might also be a safety feature due to the check engine light appearance? I'll find out more at the dealership on Tuesday. Unrelated, following behind a semi on the highway on my way to work and a rock (or something demonic) shot up pretty hard and chipped my windshield. Called insurance (USAA) and they sent out Safelite. As soon as they put the machine on my windshield it cracked pretty bad.

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