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  1. Actually yes I do, but not until I reach 70ish mph/ interstate speeds.
  2. and that may be the case. I just feel more road imperfections through the steering wheel. Different than I use to with my previous silverados. Not sure if that’s just a characteristic of electric power steering over my past hydraulic systems.
  3. 18s all stock. I did take a look under the truck and didn’t see anything loose or missing. I had the dealer take another look and they said everything was normal. Hmmm I’ve owned many GM trucks in the past and this one I just feel more road imperfections through the steering wheel. Not sure if that’s a characteristic of electric power steering.. my past trucks had hydraulic steering. But yes going over railroads slowly I can see the steering wheel kinda bounce/vibrate sort of speak. Steering column all feels tight otherwise.
  4. I get road feedback in my 19 Silverado LD 18” wheels
  5. Hi guys! Just purchased a new 2019 Silverado LD about 2 months ago and my truck now has 3000 miles on it and I’ve noticed more road feel in the steering wheel than I did from my previous truck I traded (06 Sierra). Even driving slow going over railroad tracks I can feel/see the steering wheel move up and down 1/8” of so. I made sure my steering column is locked in position and it is. I took it to my dealer and they said it’s normal because of the electric steering over the hydraulic I’m use to. Is it normal?
  6. Ok it’s just wierd because it’s dead quiet on cold start up and I’ll drive it a few miles and the loud tick will happen and gets faster with rpm and as soon as I get the rpms up a little it goes away and dead quiet again and no tick the rest of the day. Doesn’t happen everyday. Maybe once a week or so.
  7. Almost sounds like a ting ting ting. Not a rattle or anything. It’s not a knock like a rod bearing. It’s not exhaust because it’s quiet as a mouse on cold start up. It’s definitely the top end.
  8. My oil pressure at hot idle is 30-35 and driving down the road is 40+
  9. I have a 2006 GMC Sierra and I have the 5.3 and lately it’s been getting a tick. I don’t hear on cold start up but after I drive a few miles I’ll start hearing until I rev it up a little then the tick goes away. Any ideas?
  10. Check out your steering shaft under hood driver side for slop in the ujoints
  11. 2006 z71 GMC Sierra here and I’m not sure what’s going on but my truck ran empty on gas when the guage said 1/4 tank. Also it said 90 miles till empty. I dumped 3 gallons in and she took off. Any ideas what it could be?
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