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  1. Lighting is very important for driving. In fact, every car has headlight bulbs as the driving lights. Headlight bulbs are really useful while driving on the road. Car headlights, also known as automotive headlamps, car LED daytime running lights. They function as the eyes of the car. The headlights are not only related to the external image of a car owner but also closely related to safe driving at night or in bad weather conditions. The use and maintenance of the headlights cannot be negligible. Headlight Bulbs Evolution Halogen Headlight Bulbs Conclusion LED headlight bulbs are really good replacements of the halogen headlight bulbs. When you choose the LED headlights, please check the light source, size, heat dissipation, and the canbus driver. Make sure you have the best quality and get them installed. If you have any problems, check our steps above to try yourselves first. You will really enjoy driving with the LED headlights. We have different blogs on LED lights, please read on to know more.
  2. Faulty headlights are one of the things to blame for accidents on the road. Thus, for you to stay away from road accidents or get pulled over by traffic enforcers, you should see to it that your car’s headlight bulbs are in good working order. It’s advisable that you do regular maintenance or changing of your headlight bulbs. There are indications to look out for when your headlight bulbs are not in excellent working condition. The Importance of Headlight Ford Headlight Bulbs Headlights are an essential part of any vehicle because they ensure safety when you’re driving on the road. They make sure that you see the road clearly and for other motorists, as well as pedestrians, to see you. Your car headlight bulbs also provide you with good visibility to see if there are any hazards such as a slippery road or road blockage. It might sound understandable, but some people still fail to take into account the importance of headlights. Common Headlight Problems One of the most common issues of car headlights is a broken switch. In this case, you’ll have difficulty switching between headlight modes. The lights may come on and off or may have problems on how a particular mode do its function. Another obvious sign of faulty headlight bulbs is if they only provide dim illumination or they don’t turn on at all. Problems in your car headlights are safety hazards that you need to take seriously and find solutions. Halogen vs. HID vs. LED Headlight Bulbs There are different types of headlight bulbs that you can find in the market today. It’s crucial that you know about them so that you’ll have the best buy. Read on below for a comparison between the common types of headlight bulbs: LED, Halogen, and HID. Halogen Headlights HID Headlights LED Headlights Advantages Affordable Dimmable Easy to Replace Universal Farther Reach Use Less Power Brighter Light Longer Lifespan Energy-Efficient Small Size Brighter Doesn’t Have Strong Glare like HID Disadvantages Energy Intensive Prone to Overheating Extra Sensitive Strong Glare More Expensive than Halogen More Expensive Difficult to Fit Halogen Headlight Bulbs High Beam Halogen light is an advanced form of incandescent light. It’s composed of a combination of nitrogen and argon gases that are contained within a heat-resistant package that also has tungsten filament. From the car’s battery, the electrical charge is delivered to the tungsten filament, which then heats at around 2,500 degrees Celsius to create light. This procedure is called the incandescence process. HID Headlight Bulbs For almost two decades, the halogen bulb went without a rival as the standard headlight bulbs for vehicles. However, when the HID or high-intensity discharge lamp came, the dominance of halogen bulbs was threatened. HID bulbs use xenon gas to start its illumination process. People often preferred it over halogen bulbs because of its high-intensity light and color temperature. HID lights have the same function as neon lights. The electrical charge passes through a gas-filled tube with electrodes at both endpoints. Then, the opposite electrodes stimulate the halide salts and xenon gas contained in a quartz enclosure to create illumination. LED Headlight Bulbs LED or light-emitting diode differs widely from all the headlights mentioned when it comes to its lighting process. In LED headlight bulbs, negative electrons pass through holes in a semiconductor to generate light. When electrons enter a low-energy hole, there will be a release of photons. This method is called electroluminescence process that occurs at a frequency of a thousand times per second. Difference Between Low Beam & High Beam T1 headlight bulbs In most vehicles, there are what you call low-beam and high-beam headlights. It’s a must that you know about what are the purpose and functions of both for you to use your lights properly. A low beam is also called a passing beam or dipped beam. It provides limited light so that it does not dazzle other oncoming motorists. Drivers switch on to low beam, especially if there are other vehicles on the road. A low beam headlight is directed either sideward or downward to provide road visibility with less glare at night. High beam is also called full beam and main beam. The high beam provides bright light to maximize the distance of visibility of the driver. When the high beam is on, its light is directed in front of the road. When one is in the middle of the road, the other oncoming vehicles may not see that people and accident may happen, because of the high beam you turned on. That is because the intense high beam will glare the oncoming vehicles. It’s not suitable to use high beam when there are other vehicles and people on the road. That’s why you should take care when using high beam because it can dazzle other motorist and can cause accidents. How to Adjust Your Car Headlights There are times that your car headlights are misaligned, thereby not providing the illumination that you want when you’re driving on the road. Therefore, it’s advisable that you know how to adjust it so that you will prevent accidents. Follow the Steps: Step 1: Level Your Car The first step to do when adjusting your car headlight is to remove any extra weight from your car trunk. You should also make sure that the tires are leveled on the ground. Then, you can check if the headlight aim is at the zero position. Step 2: Position Your Car Next is to position your car on a level ground ten to fifteen feet from a-dark wall. You should ensure that the front of the car is directed to the wall. You can do it in a paved driveway or a level parking lot for that purpose. Step 3: Turn the-Headlights On Mark the vertical and horizontal center lines of the headlight-beams with masking tape to create two T’s on the wall. In this stage, avoid using high beam or fog lights. Step 4: Ensure the Lights-are Level Use a carpenters level between the two marked lines to determine if they’re level. If they’re not-even, use-a steel tape to measure the distance of the lower mark if it goes much higher up the wall and lowers it to attain the same height as the other marker. Both center lines should not go beyond 3.5 feet from the ground. Step 5: Adjust the Lights Put the car on the reverse, 25 feet away from the wall. It’s a must to use a tape measure to know the distance from the wall. Then, turn off the lights. Get rid of the trim ring and find the adjusters. After that, adjust the vertical and horizontal screws, and see if the light is leveled on the marker on the wall. Adjust headlight bulbs In Conclusion The headlight is an essential part of your car. Thus, you should know how to properly use them and do regular maintenance and adjusting to prevent accidents on the road. You can take some knowledge from this article on how to make the best use of your car headlights. Also, we have different blogs about lighting and vehicle modifications, if you are interested, please read on.
  3. LED headlight bulbs become the best replacement for the factory halogen bulbs. However, when choosing and replacing the LEDheadlight bulbs, you will find some problems. Why Choosing LED Headlight Bulbs? LED headlight bulbs are known to offer more benefits as compared to other standard bulbs. LED headlights are widely used to upgrade halogen bulbs in vehicles. LED headlight bulbs are known to be highly energy efficient. They use less power to produce the same amount of light output as halogen bulbs. LED headlight bulbs consume less than 60% of the total energy required to power a halogen bulb. This means your car will need less fuel to run the alternator. In addition, using LED saves power for other electrical devices such as the stereo and phone. LED headlight bulbs also have a longer lifetime as compared to halogen bulbs. If they are supplied with the right amount of power, they offer at least 20,000 working hours. This saves your money since you don’t have to replace them regularly. These headlight bulbs also have an outstanding optical performance. You can easily control the direction of the light to maximize visibility. This allows you to direct the beam of light at a low angle to avoid causing glare or blinding the drivers in oncoming vehicles. Vehicles with LED headlight bulbs produce a brighter beam of light than halogen bulbs. This gives you move visibility especially at night and during bad weather such as snow. Better visibility enables the driver to make proper judgment and avoid unnecessary accidents. The LED headlight bulbs are also easy to install. You can buy and an LED retrofit-kit which allows you to replace the halogen bulbs in a few steps. The bulb doesn’t require any modification in the wiring of your headlights and it doesn’t affect the performance of other electrical components. How to Fix the Problems When Upgrading The Headlights? It is easy to upgrade your headlights with LED headlight bulbs. However, you can encounter various problems if you don’t use the right LED headlight bulbs. Low-quality LED bulbs have poor performance and they can cause some safety issues. Some cheap bulbs are not designed with safety in mind and you will notice that some of them produce an extremely bright light beam. Strong light causes glare and makes it difficult for other drivers to see. Such LEDs can cause eye problems and even accidents at night. LED headlight bulbs are known to produce less heat but they can also overheat when used for a long period of time. Some low-cost LED bulbs lack small fans and heat sinks for heat dissipation. Such bulbs should not be used in headlights since they can overheat and fail after some time. Flicker or Dashboard Warning? When you install LED headlights on vehicles without Canbus, they will work perfectly without adding any additional driver. However, you can experience some problems if your vehicle uses a Canbus (Controller Area Network Bus). Canbus checks the electrical components of your vehicle and sends their status to the control unit. You might encounter problems such as dashboard error that notifies you that the bulb is out, flickering of the headlights, bulbs not lighting up or even low light beam. Therefore, it is advisable to check if your vehicle has Canbus before upgrading any electrical component. But it is easy to fix these problems. Just buy an appropriate Canbus Driver for your vehicle and install it after replacing the bulb. It is advisable to use some LED bulbs series such as the T1 and W series since they come with Canbus drivers. These bulbs series are a better option when it comes to replacing halogen bulbs with LED headlights, and you do not know if your car is equipped with the Canbus system. Check the Factory Bulb Type But Still Cannot Put The New One In? Before you buy led bulbs, you have to check your car manual or ask an expert so that you can select the right bulb type. However, some LED headlight bulbs cannot be 100% installed in some vehicles even if you choose correct bulbs with the right plug-type fitting. Vehicles such as BMW, Audi, Mercedes-Ben, Volkswagen, Buick, Hyundai, and others that needs H7 led bulb for high beam or low beam need to use the special bulb holder. If the factory H7 bulbs have the bulb holders, you can use them on the new LED headlight bulbs. But some factory bulbs and bulb holders are fixed together. So you may need to purchase the bulb holders according to your vehicle type. Fortunately, Auxbeam provides you with H7 LED bulb holders that can allow you to fit LED headlight bulbs in these vehicles. Auxbeam has got every H7 LED bulb holder ready for you to choose. After you have purchased the LED headlight bulbs and the H7 led bulb holders, you should make the right connections on the terminals to avoid damaging the headlights. The Factory Dust Cover Cannot Fit In. Dust cover is an important item in the headlights since it prevents dust from getting into the bulbs. Dust can hinder heat dissipation and make the bulbs to fail. You can buy the right LED headlight bulbs but discover that the installation process cannot be completed since the cover cannot be reinstalled. Some LED headlights are usually designed with a bigger heatsink. The heat sink occupies most space and it doesn’t allow the rubber dust cap to be reinstalled. You can also get an LED headlight with a massive fan which occupies more space. The big fan gets too close to the dust cover and this prevents it from getting sufficient airflow. This hinders the fan from functioning properly and the bulb can get too hot and fail prematurely. Some people try to solve these problems by drilling a hole on the dust cover and trimming some parts to accommodate the massive heat sink. However, this is a bad approach since it is time-consuming and you can accidentally damage some components. All the components of an LED are important and there is no way you can remove the big heat sink or fan from the bulb. These components provide cooling which determines the durability and light stability of the bulb. In addition, the headlights require a dust cover and you can’t do away with it if you want your bulbs to last for a long period of time. You can choose Auxbeam T1 series or A2 LED headlight bulbs. They are designed in small bulb size. Thus, you dust cover will fit in. The reliable solution is to use the Auxbeam headlight dust cover which fits perfectly in all types of vehicles. This dust cover accommodates LED headlights with large heat sinks or large fans for cooling the bulb. Conclusion There are many different situations why the LED headlight bulbs do not be installed and work normally. Sometimes, it is not the LED headlight bulbs have some problems. There are some little problems and accessories you also need for your vehicles. If you want to know some other problems that do not mention here, you can tell us and we will try to help you fix that. If you want to know more about LED lighting and vehicle modified parts, please read on to know more.
  4. Headlights are standard driving equipment for every vehicle. Headlight plays a very important role in road driving. If there is not enough light, the drivers cannot see the front clearly. Headlight types can be differentiated due to the chips inside. Most vehicles are equipped with halogen bulbs, which will gradually be dim. To deal with this, you can choose the best LED headlights as the replacement. While search in Wiki, headlight just means the light given by the headlamp, which is the term for the headlight device. And most headlamp can be divided into the headlamp housing, headlight, wiring harness, fog light and turning signal, but fog light and turn signal will be separated with the headlamp assembly in some car models such as Jeep Wrangler. Headlight Configurations As for the headlight, it has three main parts, high beam, low beam and daytime running lights (DRL). High Beam The high beam can be also called as main beam, driving beam or full beam, which provides a bright and centered light on the front. The high beam can only be used while there are no oncoming vehicles in the extremely dark driving road, as the high beam is too bright to blind the oncoming vehicles or pedestrian and make accident happened. Low Beam Low beam, also sometimes termed as the dipped beam, passing beam or meeting beam, can provide an adequate designed light for forward and lateral illumination. The low beam is limited so as to control the glare toward the oncoming vehicles and pedestrian. Thus, the low beam can be used wildly in the night time. Daytime Running Light (DRL) Daytime running light, as the name referred, can be used in daytime driving. As a kind of signal light, the DRL need to be turned on as to show other drivers you are coming towards. According to figures, turning on the DRL while driving on road can reduce accident by 12.4% and reduce the risk of death rate by 26.4%. Some high-end vehicles are equipped with LED driving lights for DRLs nowadays. Factors Influence the Headlight Beam Type Most vehicles are equipped with Halogen bulbs as the driving light source for the factory headlights. As we have compared before that, halogen headlight will be dim and the light will be yellow or even amber as the driving time gets by. And the LED driving lights can be the best replacement for the Halogen, as the LED headlights are much brighter but consuming less power. And LED can be working for about 30,000 to 50,000 hours, much longer than the halogen headlights. As the configuration is easy, LED headlights can directly replace the halogen headlights and nothing need to be modified. Some may claim that their vehicles are equipped with HID headlights. HID headlights are much better than halogen headlights, but there is one disadvantage—it needs 3-5 seconds to warm up the headlight and then the headlights can work normally. While LED headlights do not have such kind of problem. However, if you want to upgrade the HID headlights with LED headlights, some wiring may need to be modified. Thus, the LED headlights may be better comparing with halogen headlights and HID headlights. Lighting Effect In fact, the lighting effect is mainly influenced by the headlight housing. There are mainly two configurations of headlight housing—reflector housing and projector housing. Reflector Housing For vehicles using reflector housing, the light will be reflected as the light is on. Equipped with the reflector housing, the light can be scattered in a wild range with flood beam but there will be some unused light. Many halogen headlights are equipped with reflector housings. Projector Housing As for vehicles with projector housing, light is projected through the lens, which can make a better pencil beam. And also, using the projector lens, the light will not scatter in wildly, which will give more accurate and bright light. Many LED headlights and HID headlights are used projector housing. Thus, for better lighting performance, you can upgrade the reflector headlight housing with projector headlight housing. Choose the Best LED Headlights The headlight assembly for normal vehicles like sedan, SUV, and trucks, maybe a little bit hard to upgrade, which needs huge modifications. However, you can choose to upgrade with the LED headlight bulbs. Normally, every headlight has the bulbs inside, and most factory bulbs are halogen bulbs. Due to the configuration of the LED is similar to halogen bulbs, LED can directly replace the halogen bulbs and do not need further modification. Just plug and play, you can get the new LED headlights. As we have mentioned above that headlight has the high beam, low beam, and DRL, you need to pay attention to when upgrading the headlights to LEDs. 1. You need to make sure the plug type of your factory halogen bulb type and then choose the corresponding LED plug types. 2. Halogen bulbs and LED headlight bulbs are of the same plug type, which has the Hi-lo beam bulbs and single beam bulbs. For hi-lo beam bulbs, one pair of LED headlight bulbs can support both high beam and low beam, while vehicles need single beam for high beam and low beam, you need to purchase 2 pairs to separately support high beam and low beam, 3. If you have upgraded the reflector headlight housing into projector headlight housing, the plug type changes and you need to check the plug type which can fit your new projector headlight housing. 4. For some vehicles which designed the high beam together with DRL using the same bulbs, upgrading the bulbs will be a little bit difficult. You need to add extra DRL decoders to avoid bulb working error. Otherwise, your DRL cannot work in a normal way. Jeep Wrangler Headlights Jeep Wrangler can also upgrade the headlights with the LED headlight bulbs. However, there are also many different kinds of Jeep Wrangler headlight assembly which can be easily replaced by Jeep Wrangler. The factory Jeep Wrangler headlights are reflector headlight housing with halogen bulbs which may not look very cool and practical. So how about upgrading the headlight with LED driving lights. Auxbeam Jeep Wrangler headlights have many different choices for you. All Jeep Wrangler projector headlights include the high beam, low beam and DRL (sometimes will also be called as atmosphere lights), which is convenient to upgrade all the thing at the same time. And the installation steps would not be hard. Just remove the old headlight and unplug them and install the new headlights on then plug them on. Conclusion Also, there are many different kinds of LED driving lights that can be installed on the bumper or bull bar. LED driving lights can be the auxiliary lights as you need more light in driving. Upgrading your headlight into LED projector headlight may be better for both practicability and aesthetics. Choose the best LED headlight solution according to your vehicle types. LED headlights can help you get more brightness.
  5. Hello everyone, I off-road my 2012 Sierra 1500 almost every week on dry dirt, rocky roads, and sand. I wonder what should I consider to upgrade in regards to led driving lights, wheels, tires and, of course, suspension. I started to believe that OEM suspension is too soft and weak as I have had different issues every other trip, especially with struts. thank you all in advance.
  6. Hey all,It is my first post on the forum. I wanna to buy a headlight for my new truck 2012 CHEVROLET SILVERADO 1500 but whether headlights that aren't illegal. Also, I have brought a led headlight bulbs. Any review for this one?Suggestions, please!Thanks,Klaus
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