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  1. I got a 2016 Lifted (6 inch) Diesel Colorado with a 6 foot bed at the end of October. Since then I ran into an issue where you can hear a knocking noise from the front end when you turn while its in 4WD. I took it to the dealer and they have been trying to fix the issue but its going on 6 weeks (they had it for 3 weeks trying to fix the remote start before that). They thought they fixed it with a new axle, one CV (?), new fabricated spacers, and tilting the transfer case i think.. I got it down to the end of the service entrance and it made the noise again when I turned. What can it be? Today they tried to buy me out by offering me a new trail boss (very base model) and I would have to pay more than I am now and not have the bells and whistles my current one has (if I ever get to drive it).
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    Just got the truck with a factory lift. I have a few issues with it but the dealership will correct them.
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  4. I just purchased my second Chevy Colorado and I am running into an issue. The remote start won't work. The doors lock, when I hold down the remote start button the lights flash but nothing else. No engine light. Hood is closed tight. Not in valet mode batteries good. I took it to the dealer today and after 3 hours of waiting they said it was probably the main computer. Granted this is with them saying they haven't even looked at it yet. This service department has its own issues. They are wanting to have me bring it back later for diagnostics and maybe 5-7 days if it needs a new CPU. Is their any thoughts on how this could be a simple thing I can look at before wasting more of my time with the service department?

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