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  1. Mine are bad and I have not noticed any significant side effects from it yet. Still get about 14 mpg average and I still drive like a race car most of the time. The only reason I know it is the CAT is because of the repeated code.
  2. So I have been having issues with my rack leaking for the past year and have replaced it 3 times - most recently with a GM Factory Unit and still it leaks from the hose connection point. It was previously thought to be that the seals were not matching up but we got the right seals on, then it was the hoses we thought were bad and even after replacing them it still leaks from the hose connections. I am going through about a quart of fluid a week. Any one have any insight into what causes this or how it can be fixed?
  3. I started noticing the same thing on my 08 Silverado 5.3 about a year ago. Ran the codes and got p0420/p0430 and tried to replace just the oxygen sensors, but that did nothing to solve the issue. Next step will be to replace the Cats and see what happens, but dealer wanted $1500 just for the part. Still looking around for a more economical solution, but want to get something that will be a step up from OE. Cheapest I found was from a local place (Allied Exhaust Systems) for about $500. Keep us posted on your solution.
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