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  1. I think that is where the confusion came in. I have a Yukon Denali, so there is no bed. At night, when I lift up the rear hatch though...there is no light in the back
  2. Its a 2018, so it has the 10 speed... How do you turn on the cargo light?
  3. Just got my 2018 Denali. The 2004 next to it gave me an incredible 224,000 miles of service, but started to succumb to New England winters...and the heat wasn't very reliable. The 10 speeds takes some getting used to, but once you figure out the foot pressure, it's pretty cool...especially on hills. I wish there were people who coded these things like they do on the BMW...the warning such as telling me I connected to my phone are annoying as hell. That was one of the reasons I traded in my last truck...I got tired of dismissing all the warnings! The one thing I am shocked about is there is no light in the way back of the truck. You would think when you opened the lift gate there would be a light...but nope. Major faux pas on an otherwise awesome (so far) truck. Still...a Whipple would be nice ;)
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