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  1. So i recently purchased a 2016 silverado 1500 LT Z71 double cab. 5.3/v8/ double cab. Has 20k miles on it .. Im Looking at getting a more aggressive 10ply tire for hunting/ little bit of off road and daily. I've made up my mind that i'm going to be getting the Falken wildpeak atw3's and i'm curious on everyones opinion with tire sizing. right now its the stock 265/65/18 and i just put a RC 2" level on with with a K&N Cold air intake. I just hit about 21mpg on freeway and city is about 17's. i understand any tire that i go with i will lose some gas mileage but im curious to know if its going to be drastic. with that being said i would like to fill up the wheel whell a little and also give the truck a touch more height but not destroying my gas mileage. so thats where ive been thinking about the 265/60/18 to get some height out of it and probably keep the mileage about the same. But i know its not a common size tire so thats why im iffy on that and should just say the hell with it and go with the 275/70/18's. and i guess the 275/65/18's would just be the in between i suppose. opinions wanted
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