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  1. Drop in bed liners are joke and complete garbage. I would never recommend anyone use one. They only increase corrosion Like mentioned, go with the professional liner. Not worth doing yourself when you factor in all your time and cost of materials. Not to mention it just won’t hold up for long.
  2. Sounds like you need to get hooked up to scanner and see what codes your getting. Then you can go from there.
  3. I prefer the vinyl flooring over carpet. Carpet doesn’t belong in a pick up truck. My 03 has the vinyl and I love it. To each his own
  4. I would have just power washed the original carpet. Did that in my 98 gmc and it looked new after. Also fit right back in place
  5. I would just keep the stock setup. I also switch to the airaid intake tube. The stock air box is already cold air and probably a lot better at filtering air compared to those supposedly cold air k+n
  6. Geez. My 454 vortec gets better mileage when towing. I’m sssuming you keep up with regular maintenance? Filters and such. Could be a clogged cat a cat back exhaust should help a little assuming you go with a setup that has a straight through muffler
  7. 45 psi seems high for a half ton. Have you checked the sticker in the driver door jamb? That will give you the info you need for tires. Im pretty sure my truck calls for 35psi. I could be wrong about yours but just check the sticker
  8. I would think finding a good used bed would be more time and cost effective
  9. At this point I don’t see what good finding out oil pressure would do if there is oil in it and it ticks or knocks very loud all the time I’d say your ready for some new heads or motor
  10. Also at 186k in my 5.3. The valves do make some noice shortly after start up but it only happens when super cold. I wouldn’t worry about it much
  11. Just check your owners manual. Can’t go wrong with that.
  12. Nice truck. Keys are a waste of money. You should have more than enough adjustment with the stock keys. Just don’t go overboard and have the front end aligned after
  13. Whatever you do, do not use lift keys. They are a joke and the stock keys can be adjusted plenty but wouldn’t recommend it for a lift
  14. I’ve looked at kooks, big bucks lol. That is the first I’ve heard about 5.3 manifolds being durable. I also haven’t heard bad about them. Just going off experience with my 454. Not looking for a power increase but wouldn’t mind it. Mainly looking to have a lasting exhaust without leaks. Thanks
  15. Do you currently run those or have experience with those? Thanks
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