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  1. I did have to clean out the threads pretty good after I removed the pulley. I learned that lesson after ruining the first install tool lol. I did lube it up with wd40 when reinstalling pulley. When I got got home yesterday I just lubed it up with some wd40 again and cranked it on the rest of the way with the belt on. Went on no problem, just had to realign the belt a little. Thanks for your help!
  2. That's what I'm worried about lol. I was also wondering, at some point does the pulley just get harder to press on when it's almost all the way on? I just stopped at the point where it was going to take more force to turn the wrench then it did to get it to that point. I'm going to try and finish getting it on all the way today. Is it a bad idea to try to finish pressing it on while the belt is on the pulley with tension?
  3. It is the tool from autozone so would I still need to add some washers?
  4. Long story short I don't think I pressed my power steering pulley all the way onto the pump shaft, I can tell after letting the motor idle for a bit, first project I've used this tool. I bottomed out the stud of install tool and cranked the press part down til I felt like it bottomed out on threads which took awhile. So with my current situation of it needing to be pressed just a little more I have a question. At the point I felt the press part bottom out on threads, should I just back the stud bolt out a bit and keep pressing? Just want to make sure as I busted the threads of the first tool by not cleaning out the threads of the pump shaft and don't want to have any other hiccups lol. Thanks!
  5. That's a pretty good idea. I have plenty of zipties due to work so I'm good there lol. Should I still mark it though to be on the safe side? Thanks.
  6. I am in need of some advice or direction on removing my power steering gear on my 04 Silverado z71. I have been searching the internet and read this in my Haynes manual, it says to make sure the steering shaft does not turn at all or else the airbag could be damaged. Is it pretty easy for the wheel to turn once this is removed? Is there a trick or something I should do for marking before I remove this one and make sure I install the new one back to the shaft correctly? Sorry if these are self explanatory questions I just want to make sure my airbag isn't going to off randomly lol and to make sure I'm not overlooking something. Thanks for any help.
  7. Hey guys new to the forum and a novice to working on vehicles but I am a hands on kind of guy. I'm planning on doing a coolant flush on my 2004 silverado 5.3. I've talked to some guys on another forum and they're telling me I need to drain the engine block drain plugs aswell to do this correctly. Now I'm not knocking their knowledge by any means because they have given me solid advice on other things. But I have read on the web that you don't need to do that so curious if it does need to be done or not. My Hayne's manual says the same thing about the engine block drains. So can anyone tell me that if I wan't to get all the old coolant out if I need to drain at the engine block drain plugs aswell? I planned on doing a flush like this guy did https://www.silveradosierra.com/engine/2009-silverado-100k-coolant-flush-t562729.html#p5588929 But if yall have another way I'm all ears. I plan on replacing the old stuff with Prestone dexcool 50/50. Thanks and sorry for the long post. Looking forward to learning from yall.
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