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  1. Hey guys new to the forum and a novice to working on vehicles but I am a hands on kind of guy. I'm planning on doing a coolant flush on my 2004 silverado 5.3. I've talked to some guys on another forum and they're telling me I need to drain the engine block drain plugs aswell to do this correctly. Now I'm not knocking their knowledge by any means because they have given me solid advice on other things. But I have read on the web that you don't need to do that so curious if it does need to be done or not. My Hayne's manual says the same thing about the engine block drains. So can anyone tell me that if I wan't to get all the old coolant out if I need to drain at the engine block drain plugs aswell? I planned on doing a flush like this guy did https://www.silveradosierra.com/engine/2009-silverado-100k-coolant-flush-t562729.html#p5588929 But if yall have another way I'm all ears. I plan on replacing the old stuff with Prestone dexcool 50/50. Thanks and sorry for the long post. Looking forward to learning from yall.
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