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  1. Thanks- The Terra Grapplers were the the 305's i was considering originally. How do you like them?
  2. The stock Bridegeston Deuler Alenza tires are horrible, bordering on unsafe in the cold and snow. I've had the Alenza's on a Sequoia and Yukon and it felt like I was wearing dress shoes on a hockey rink while trying not to spill my beer. I looked at the options for 285/45/22; this tire is 2.1% smaller, while not a big change for the speedometer, I didn't want to give up the extra sidewall height. The next size, 305/45/22 was same height, but over an inch wider. The GM service department deemed would they would rub when turning. If i'm not mistaken, the Toyo Observe G3 Ice Studdable tires are the only winter tire that is the same size as the OEM Alenza tires on the Denali 22's. I am partial to the 22's. I had the dealer put them on before even leaving the lot. Consumer reports has this tire rated as mid-upper pack in winter tires (I think it's listed as passenger car tire.) The tread is fairly substantial for a hwy biased/non-off A/T road tire. I didn't have any experience with the brand or tire, but with all the options available, it seemed worth a try. It has been snowing heavily and below freezing temps for the last week and the truck feels like a tank, completely unstoppable. Well that is until I want to stop- then the tires work their magic there also. Cornering has also been without drama. They haven't been loud on the hwy's and the wet stopping distance seems really good, (this was the main criticism from CR.) Really happy with them overall so far. The only problem is what to do with the waste-of- good-rubber Alenza's come spring time. Fingers crossed for more OEM sized options.
  3. I drove and compared the 2019 F150 limited, Sierra AT4, Sierra Denali and RAM limited. I ended up trading in my 2016 Yukon Denali for the Sierra Denali. We had a specific route that we took all of the trucks and drove them back-to-back. This route had potholes, washboards, speed bumps, broken pavement and some tight switchbacks. Both my wife and I could tell that the ride was much smoother with the Denali suspension compared to the AT4. The ride on the Sierra Denali is even better than the 2016 Yukon Denali (22" wheels also.) The RAM and Denali were very similar in how smoothly they rode, the big difference was how much better the Denali cornered over the RAM. The Sierra Denali felt connected to the road, vs disconnected in the RAM (air suspension.) The AT4 did corner nicely also.The new 10spd transmission on the 2019 vs the 8spd 2016 Yukon is a major improvement around town also. The AT4 was much better than the F150. The F150 was very chattery and brittle- you felt every imperfection in the road. IF only they had spent a bit more time and $$ on the interior of the Sierra it would be the perfect truck. It is a step backward from my 2016 Yukon. Everything moves less smoothly, from the gear shift to the temp control dials, it doesn't quite feel high-end enough for the price. Thankfully the HUD makes up for the interior shortcomings- you never really have to look at the cheesy dials. At least in the Yukon all the dials were electronic display- and much nicer looking.
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