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  1. I wired an external speaker and velcro'ed it in the tray on the back of the console and works fine. I primarily use mine during hunting season. The radio is also velcro'ed in.
  2. I specifically wanted a CC with standard bed and haven't looked back. I have the large Weather Guard tool box and still have room for hauling.
  3. SS502 my buddy hooked it up for me but I believe you are spot on
  4. It is a 6.2 with Airaid MIT. Got the kit from [email protected] It was vehicle specific with CAI mod. Dual Valve Catch Can System with CSS for CAI This full kit with Pro-Series check valves, replacement o-rings, and UPR Drain Valve Kit . 1pc 5030-219-1-CSS 1pc 5044-01 1pc 5044-03 1pc 2030-02 1pc 2030-07 1pc H5032-49
  5. No they changed to Cardinal Red. Always had Silver or White but liked the looks of the Red.
  6. Just installed my UPR catch can / CSS.
  7. Thought I'd post a few pics of my Red Z71. 2017 Sierra Z71 6.2
  8. Been lurking thought I'd post a couple of pic's of my Red Z71. 2017 GMC Sierra Z71 SLT 6.2
  9. We've been going there for a long time and enjoy driving out setting up the tent and getting away from the crowds and relaxing. If you ever get down that way look me up.
  10. Started working of my Sierra but still have a few things to do. Basics: 2017 Sierra SLT Z71 4wd 6.2L 8 Spd Crew Cab, Standard bed, Cardinal Red / Black Interior Mods thus far: Bilstein 5100's Range AFM Disabler Airaid Mit & Filter UPR Catch Can/CSS 4"cube lights (recessd in rear bumper ) Weathertech Tool box (Rhino lined exterior interior led's) Front passengers window tint Front reciever hitch Front Chrome bumper skid plate (replace black OEM) LED's in cargo and back up lights WeatherTech Bedmat/tailgate protector WeatherTech interior mats WeatherTech in-chanel visors Cowl Mount Tram VHF antenna VHF Radio omounted in center console (hidden) Aluminum Skid Plates being Rhino lined and installed this week Up and coming : Muffler deltete If doesn't sound good might go with Corsa or borla touring type 285/60/20 Michelins ltx's Hope to post pics soon.
  11. Hi, I've been lurking for a while and decided to introduce myself. I'm from northeastern NC just off I95 at the Va. line butmy home away from home is at the OBX. Retired LEO but went back to work as a SRO. This forum has been a wealth of information and seems to be made up of a good group of knowledgeable folks. How to keep enjoying learning from you guys. 2017 Sierra SLT Z71 4WD 6.2 8spd Crew Cab Standard bed Cardinal Red
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