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  1. So I have a 2106 3.6 Colorado. She's been flawless for 65,000 miles. Now I have two issues that I hope are related. With the absence of codes I'm looking for anyone who may have had a similar experience. After refueling when the tank is real low (reserve light on) she cold cranks for several ignition switch cycles before starting. This ECM has not thrown a code to date. No CEL. This only happens after refueling when the tank was really low. Kinda scary 500 miles from home. Maybe a stuck evap solenoid? About the same time this started, I started to get a low idle stumble after running at interstate speed. The low idle stumble is also intermittent. Again no codes. Was just bragging to a Ford guy about how reliable my Colorado and my Duramax have been, then this! Anyone have anything on this?
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