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  1. It was a 2014, I will give that a shot, thanks.
  2. Well I ran the same bulbs in the Toyota for 2 years without an issue, the improved light output is worth the headlights being on with the DRL's.
  3. Keep looking, maybe look a little further away from where you live. I just picked up a 2017 4WD LT with 70K miles on it for $31K and it's a CPO vehicle. I live in the Chicago area and went 50 miles away to find my truck. Keep looking they are out there. I came from driving an AWD Sienna and also added a 4th kid. Good luck and congrats.
  4. Not sure if anyone has added LED headlight bulbs to their truck. I just added a set and now the dlr strip of LEDs are not lit up anymore instead the headlights are on. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. I'm new here just came from driving a AWD Toyota Sienna. We added a 4th kid so we need all the room we can get. Thanks
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