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  1. 2005 suburban problems

    Hey guys. My stepdad has a 05 suburban 1500 lt. We recently changed the diff out. In order to do that we had to remove the sway bar. We got the new diff in and works like a dream. Now the problem is that the abs light and the traction control lights are on, and it says serve stability system on the info center. Can somebody whats going on cause my stepdad complains about the "mofo lights are on agian" everytime i see him. Ps he thinks we damaged the abs sensors on the rear end by sliding the axle back in. 2nd question same truck. We've tried to get it inspected but with many fails mostly on the evap system. It passed with my stepdad filling the tank full, but the side effect is it smells like gas even when the gas cap is closed. Then the other problem is that the engine light comes on when the gas is at a certian level in the tank.
  2. hi guys new to the forums. but my step dad is having problems with his 2002 sliverado 2500 8.1 allison 1000 he says it drives but at random times the rpms jump to 4500 and go to 2200 and stay in 4th gear. and stays at a low speed when he turns it off and opens the door and stats it again its back to normal unitll it acts up again. we replaced the nsbu and it still acted up. then we fill it wil new oil when its been running for 3 mins and the level is half way in the hot area. is that normal? ive looked everywere for a fix for this and noluck. he reanly pulled a travel trailer from Houston to angleton. He told me it ran great going over the ship channel bridge. when he came hold it messed up like on line 2 of the post please help. no ignore he relies on this truck to pull a travel trailer from angleton to Houston. in a couple weeks

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