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  1. On my 1993 the temperature actuator is in the middle area of the dash. You can see it after removing the radio and radio bezel. I also removed my glove box to give me more access to it.
  2. Very good suggestions. I have not been able to test the fuel pressure yet due to weather and the holiday weekend but will hopefully be able to this afternoon. If I find out that the fuel pump is supplying the correct pressure I was concerned that it could be something internal to the distributor. When i changed the spark plugs the ones that came out had around 35k miles on them and were all black from what I thought was too much fuel or an incomplete burn. Once I test fuel pressure that should steer me in the right direction.
  3. I just finished checking the base timing and it was spot on at 0 degrees before tdc. I rented a fuel pressure test kit but won’t be able to test until hopefully tomorrow due to rain. I’ll reply back with my fuel pressure results and go from there
  4. Hi everyone new to the forums here hoping i can find some suggestions on what is wrong with my truck. Some information on the truck: 1993 K1500 Sierra 350 TBI with 174k miles Engine has been rebuilt with around 35k on the rebuild. It has an RV cam and high volume oil pump. Other than that it is stock. I just received the truck from my dad and im trying to diagnose some issues it has had for some time. When turning the key to the "on" position the fuel pump primes for around 10 seconds before shutting off. Is this normal? I remember years ago when i used to drive the truck the pump would only prime for 2-3 seconds before shutting off. After the 10 seconds of fuel pump priming, it starts right up but immediately runs very rough where the engine, tailpipes and doors shake if open. The exhaust sort of flutters out the tailpipes and smells very much like un-burnt gas or as if it is running rich. I have so far changed the spark plugs, map sensor, o2 sensor, fuel filter, egr valve, fuel regulator, both temp sensors, thermostat and cleaned the IAC with no improvement. I checked for any vacuum leaks or bad vacuum lines and can't find any. The truck will continue to run rough even when warm and at a stop light the idle will drop to almost wanting to stall but then will surge back up and then drop to almost stalling and so on until i start driving again. I have to hold the brake and give it gas to about 1000 rpm so it wont have the surging idle. It has a 195 degree thermostat but seems to never reach full operating temp. From the gauge cluster it looks like it stops at around 175 degrees or so. I will be checking the ignition timing this afternoon to verify that it is correct and plan to test the fuel pressure as well. Do you guys have any ideas what might be the problem? Thank you for any assistance and i'll post back with my ignition timing findings.
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