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  1. I have a 2000 GMC Sierra 2500. The driver side taillight works perfectly fine (they are aftermarket leds). The problem is with the passenger side running light. Both the turn signal and brake light(when pressed) work but can’t get both to come on simultaneously as the running light. I’ve eliminated a lot of things as the problems including: fuses, aftermarket light itself, the harness, the junction box, and the turn signal/cruise control switch on column. I’m almost certain the ground for the junction box is good since I made sure to clean it up good when I had the bed off. I was testing where I had power at the junction box on the working taillight and it was A and H terminals at about .03-.04v each. In the bad side, only terminal A had the same amount as other side. The H prong was dead. I’ve looked at the wiring diagram for this and am coming up clueless. Any help? (Ps. I know what to look for on the diagram for the most part since I’m going to school for this kind of stuff.)
  2. You’re a saint! It just took the right procedure. Much thanks!
  3. With key on, engine off, the rating is 55-62 psi. I get about 55 when the pump is running and I kicks down to about 52 before I try and start. When it cranks, it fluctuates but rises back to 55 when it fires for about 2 sec. I don’t think fuel pressure is the issue. I might just have to get my hands on a Tech II scanner
  4. I feel really dumb but, I’m having a tough time reading pressure. I have an OEM tools gauge but it reads no pressure on my truck and on my perfectly running car. It’s like reading air pressure in a tire right? The test port has a Shrader valve and the fitting that screws on should have something to depress that valve to read the pressure. My tool has nothing to press the valve down. Broken tool? The fuel pump can be heard very clearly and when I press down the valve with a screwdriver, fuel sprays out. The fuel pump has been just replaced just to let you know.
  5. Ignition switch is ruled out because I replaced it with the one from my wrecked truck and no difference. The ignition fuses are all in tact. They had corrosion on them so I cleaned them up but again. No difference
  6. So a little bit of background, I wrecked my 2000 GMC Sierra 2500 and am restoring it. I got a cab from a 99 2500 and I am currently ready to start it but there is a problem. It starts but then dies immediately. I rented an Autozone scan tool and read a code P1631 (Theft Deterrent Start Enable Signal Not Correct). This code makes sense because I used the donor trucks steering column and installed the lock cylinder from the truck I wrecked. I thought it was a simple key relearn after some research. Well, it hasn’t worked. When my key is on for the 30 min procedure, all that comes on is the battery light. All of the connections seem good. Any ideas?
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