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  1. I went conventional and it made a huge difference. I only swapped the front and left the air bags on the rear. I ended up having to buy a kit from xineering to delete magnaride and get rid of the service suspension message. Would highly recommend.
  2. We have a 2015 Suburban LTZ with approximately 98K miles on it. I have always hated the ride but attributed it to the 22" wheels. Recently, speed bumps, and any other imperfection in the road has felt like riding in a go cart. We have also noticed a popping or knocking sound around 40-45 mph. Took it to the dealer for diagnostic and they stated the cause of both is front struts are out, approximately $1800 for the repair. Talking with a local repair shop and discussed replacing with a conventional shock (Monroe) and using the resistor to eliminate system warnings at a cost of about $800. Curious of anyone that has gone this route and their experience?
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