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  1. I have an AT4 on order, I was hoping it would fit 35's with a leveling kit like the Fords, is it looking like that's not going to happen?
  2. I did, headlights function normally, DRL’s come on when locking or unlocking doors and stay lit for around 10 seconds, otherwise I can’t ever get them to come on. Tried placing the truck in drive in the daylight, and checked the fuses.
  3. Jeb, sorry I know this post was forever ago, but I have an 06 Silverado that’s doing the exact same thing. DRL‘s flash and stay on for 10 Sec when I’m unlocking the door just like yours, but they don’t ever come on during the day like they are supposed to. The fuses aren’t bad, and I’ve tries putting it in gear to make sure, did you ever figure anything out with yours?
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