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  1. What is the purpose of the plastic slot in the middle of the center console armrest? Looking at new trucks, and I’ve never understood this design?
  2. I’m based in the US. CC elevation is not offered on their US website and can’t find them at dealers
  3. Not according to gmc website and this forum...???
  4. Did I hear the 2020 model elevation will be available in a crew cab?
  5. I’ve recently began looking at new trucks as I’d like to upgrade from my current ‘07 F150 regular cab. I am in no NEED for a new truck therefore I am taking my time and seeing what I really NEED vs WANT. I’ve had my eye on a coupe trucks and have narrowed it down between the Sierra 1500 and RAM 1500. NEED: 4dr, 4x4, bed to carry hunting gear. WANT: crew cab, bucket seats w/ center console. (bucket seats and center console might as well be in NEED)... Now, I’m leaning towards the Sierra. However, I really want a crew cab and center console, which the AT4 is the lowest priced trim that will allow that, am I right? Unfortunately I feel spending 50k+ on a truck is outrageous, nor can I realistically afford it. The next best that allows me to get a center console in an aggressive style truck is the elevation...but it comes in a double cab, not the crew cab... Coming from a regular cab, anything will be an upgrade, but I feel I’ll be disappointed with the lack of rear space in the double cab. I’ve got no kids right now, however, the way things are going that could EASILY change the next few years. Addition of a dog as well. Is the double cab large enough?
  6. How would I go about getting bucket seats and center console in the custom trail boss if I ended up with this truck
  7. As the title says, is this possible in the 2019 model to get the buckrt seats/center console on the custom trail boss?
  8. Tried to search but only found info regarding bulbs.... anyways, I’m looking into the new Silverado as I like most everything....minus the headlights. I can’t get over the “squinty” look. Is there a way to swap headlights into a bigger style headlight?
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