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  1. This is Perfect. I’ll probably end up with the same one. how difficult was it to mount it in there? Any chance you could share more info/tips for the next guy
  2. Yes, exactly. I think 20” was what I measured but I’ve never seen a 21” bar before. Maybe it’s a 20 but the casing makes it an overall 21”? I know the diode dynamics one is 20” but measures to 21” and is nice and slim like the one you’ve posted a link to. Guess I’ll just have to take the bumper apart and see how much room there is
  3. I’ll look into it some more. Wanting to order one in the next week or so. I’ll fab brackets or do what I have to do. I haven’t had the front bumper apart yet. I asked and post that pictures because I have the same truck as in the picture.
  4. Who’s installed a light bar in the 1500 front bumper? I’ve seen a few pics of it in the 1/2ton and mostly in the hd trucks as they have a larger bumper.. looking for info on which brand to use as they all have their own Product dimensions.
  5. Appreciate the feedback! Is the aluminum finish clear coated? Or is it actually raw? I asked this question to a few friends and one had said that the raw aluminum might show its age after awhile. And they’re probably right.. if it’s not clear coated. Yes I could acid wash, but I’m still trying to figure out if it’s got a coating or not. thanks again! I’ve heard a lot of great reviews of the rack, and seen a lot of them. I think this is the ultimate “you get what you pay for” application.
  6. Hey guys, can’t decide which color back rack to get for my 15’ gmc. Truck is a white slt. I have two options, either a semi gloss black or a milled aluminum finish. I’ve been leaning towards the aluminum finish because of all the chrome on the truck. I know black would look good either way but I’ve seen a few white trucks with the aluminum rack and it looked amazing, but they were all huge 1 tons.
  7. This is awesome info. Your probably right about the tow hooks. Would you mind posting pics as you do it? Im going to look into this more. I’m curious as to what the fabricated bracket looks like. Could you further explain what you mean when you reference front fender trim? I understand the filler piece under the headlights.
  8. I’ve got to dig a little deeper, seems there isn’t much info out there. It can’t be to difficult of a job I’m a collision repair tech in the heavy truck industry, fabrication and making things fit right is what I do
  9. I’ve never noticed the rear bumpers being different on the hd’s! I will certainly take a look next time: the rear however, does not bother me. Just the front. These trucks look soo goofy with a level or lift and that tiny front bumper.
  10. I’ve seen info on the chevys.. not on the gmc’s. I love my truck, but I hate the valence between the chrome bumper and grill. I’d also love to have that larger grill is there any info out there on this topic? Ive heard, you’ve got to do some fabrication with bumper brackets. Seeing a previous post of someone doing the hd hood conversion so it seems the hd grill will fit fine with the oem 1500 hood.. would love to see some info on this! thanks!
  11. Thank you guys for the input. A lot of great info here. Im glad I’ve asked, I have done some searching and everyone has mixed opinions on the 10. I’m going to keep looking into this however the previous comments here regarding weight, along with performance loss is of concern. The truck has the 6.2 which is more power than I need. I use the truck to take the boat to the lake all summer, and occasionally move things around with a car hauler. Does a stiffer sidewall compromise traction? My main concern was the weight of the truck on the 4 ply. Im concerned it will constantly look like it’s got low/flat tires. I also think a 10ply will wear more evenly since it’s got the added sidewall strength.
  12. Hey guys, calling around to get some new all terrains on my 2015 1500 looking at the 275/60/20 ridge grapplers. I wasn’t aware Untill I just called.. they offer a 4ply for $220/tire mounted balanced or 10ply for $270/tire mounted and balanced. The money difference isn’t an issue I just wonder if it’s worth the extra to get the thicker sidewall? It’s more puncture resistant, However is there a sidewall tread pattern difference since it’s got a thicker wall? Will it ride like complete crap with the 10 ply? thoughts...?! thanks!!
  13. So after some more precise searching it seems it is a little to big :/ so at this point I’m looking st the 275/60/20 in nitto ridge grapplers . ive seen it will rub with a level.. but those are on the newer trucks. If I recall the 16+ trucks are different. Im looking for a truck with the same wheels with the 275/60/20 and a 2” level to figure it out. So far I have yet to see that size with the nitto RG on the same wheel. Help!
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