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  1. I have a 99 sonoma 4.3. I am not getting cold air from my AC. I replaced the condenser a while back then refilled the system and it worked but the system was still leaking. I've just replaced the O rings in the lines and now there are no leaks. Pressure readings when engine is off = Low side 50 psi. High side 50 psi. With engine running - Low side cycles between 30 and 50 psi. High side stays at about 50 psi. I don't see anything in the sight glass. Compressor clutch is working. I think the compressor needs rebuilding or replacing. Can someone out there verify or clarify this for me. Thanks in advance.
  2. Has anyone been successful repairing a radiator plastic tank? Which product worked for you?
  3. My 99 sonoma is shifting hard between 1 and 2 when its hot. I have replaced the 1-2 accumulator with a pinless unit and it seemed ok for the past two weeks but today after driving about 100 kms in the rain, it started again. Can anyone tell me where to look next.
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