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  1. No it wont work. You need to use this kit. https://superlift.com/3-in-lift-kit-2019-and-newer-chevy-silverado-gmc-sierra-1500/2019/chevrolet/silverado-1500 you can get it here https://liftkits4less.com/superlift-suspension-3900-3900b-3900kg-3-6-lift-kits for a similar price. I just ordered their 6 inch kit.
  2. haha im not going to get into the discussion with 4WD truck owners who are butt hurt because someone else with a 2WD wants to lift it. I like how it looks and no i dont off road or live anywhere that i need 4WD. Its my truck and would like to customize it how i see fit. Davester i wasnt looking to use their kit and not looking to throw them under the bus. I was simply asking if anyone knew if there was a difference in the cab/bed configuration having different suspension dimensions. Either way i got an answer back from Superlift after i posted this who stated i was good to go with their kit so i bought that.
  3. Superlift verified with me today that their 4WD lift will with work with 2WD as other posters have previously stated you just will have extra parts and omit the steps for diff drop. They also have 20% off on their stuff through September.
  4. I was looking for a 6 inch lift for my truck and at this time there aren't very many options for 2WD. One that i did find was Rough Country. It stated on their site it only fit Double Cab Short Bed trucks. I asked why this was and they stated that the cross members wouldn't fit other wise. Is this an just an excuse because they haven't tried fitment on other configurations? From what i can see the front geometry is the same since the cross members are under the front cab. Is there anyone who might be able to provide more insight on this?
  5. figured id add this since the thread is short. talked to bds and zone who said "We have not tested this kit on a 2wd truck so I cannot tell you if it will work or not. I am assuming if the truck is like the previous years it would work but I cannot confirm that." I wanted to see if any one here has tried a zone or bds lift on their 2wd?
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