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  1. Well guys up date the guy put a log bolt on the pressure plate with some big as washers and was hold the clutch FML so it’s now working
  2. Well I don’t get it every thing looked like it was installed right one thing tho the disk looks a bit off well I have it all apart for the 2nd time anyone have anything I can really look at before I put it back together
  3. I guess there would be lo load with the transfer case in N but there was no grinding at all and every thing is new
  4. OK update I didn’t measure the stroke of the slave cylinder after I extended it I didn’t try that today But what I did try Was with the transfer case in neutral And the truck running And I didn’t use the clutch I tried to put the transmission in gear and it went , so I’m going to guess and you guys can help me out I’m guessing that the clutch isn’t working like it was put in backwards
  5. I will do it again to see what it was , after work I will try
  6. I would hate to pull it all apart again but man I don’t no what to do the Slave is moving an 1 in and that should be lots
  7. One more question is it possible they guy I got the truck from put the clutch in backwards ?
  8. Ok so this is what I have tried I added about 1/2 to the Slave for more stroke and the same thing , it will not go into gear so I pulled that off the Slave . Also I tried this . With the truck off I put the trans in 1 gear and the transfer case in 2 wheel drive . I put the clutch in and turned the truck over and it started to move and I stopped right away . Measured the stroke of the slave And it’s moving 1 in total
  9. One thing tho to keep in mind with transfer case in N and the truck is running it will go in any gear I want but the transfer case in gear 4 high 4 low 2 Wheel Dr. it will not
  10. When I have the transfer case in neutral And then pick a gear on the transmission Will not allow me to put the transfer case into anything else 2 wheel drive four-wheel-drive or 4 low
  11. Ok so I have an 86 3/4 ton 4x4 it’s a 4 speed with granny gear I guess as everyone is calling it flywheel clutch is new slave cylinder new , here’s the problem . If the trucks not running it goes into gear Before I installed the transfer case I started the truck and put it in gear with the truck running and seem to work fine . I installed the transfer case and only the back driveshaft because I don’t have the front driveshaft yet . I started the truck today to drive it ahead And it would not go into gear with the truck running And transfer case was in 2 Wheel Dr I couldn’t could not understand why that was doing that So just to see what would happen I put the transfer case in neutral and then tried to select a gear with the clutch and it worked Keep in mind truck is running . So can I need to anyone tell me what the hell is going on and why I can’t put it in gear with the transfer case engaged into wheel drive I did try to put it in four-wheel-drive as well and still could not put it in any gear while the truck was running Pls help
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