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  1. So if i were to keep the 4l60 and just swapped to a 6.0 would i need that beefier transfer case or would my current one be fine or the transfer case would only need to be upgraded if i switch to the 4l80?
  2. Thank you guys. The truck is my work truck /daily so whichever motor i got i would put a slight bigger cam than stock and some headers i really just wanted some extra little power since it feels so sluggish. I dont plan to beat up the truck but a little fun here and there. Lol
  3. I have a 2005 sierra z71 4x4 and my current 5.3 is on its last breaths so im looking to either put another 5.3 or a 6.0. Ive never done a motor swap so the questions are never ending but my main concern is if i put a 6.0 would I need to swap to a stronger transmission which is the 4l80 I believe and would i need to swap my transfer case aswell? Any help and tips would help and would be Appreciated.
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