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  1. Thanks for the input so far guys. Anyone have any issues with the DEF? My daily drive is only 17 miles total so I am going to have months were I am not putting many miles in and just curious if the DEF might cause me issues with putting on low miles from September to May.
  2. Hello everyone, Currently I own a Toyota Tacoma (well leasing it). I am a teacher and I have the summers off. We just bought a travel trailer and will be using it every summer from here on out to travel America. Next summer we will be hitting up Zion, Grand Canyon, Death Valley, Sequoia, Yosemite, and Big Sur. Total trip will probably be 7,000 miles. But each summer we are planning on big road trips like this. With this in mind, I started researching the Canyon Diesel and so far it seems like the perfect truck for what I want to do with towing. What I want to know from current owners is how the performance and longevity seems to hold up? Tacoma's have a good reputation of being a no-fuss truck, but I know the gas millage will not be as good as a diesel. Also one of the biggest perks of the Canyon is the engine exhaust brakes. I live in Ohio and if I am traveling around West Virginia, Pennsylvania areas on the weekends (because there are some steep grades on the highways) the engine brake would come in handy (not to mention the huge mountains out west). If I find trucks with 60,000 plus miles am I getting into maintenance issues? One 2016 Canyon SLT I found has 80,000 and the dealer wants $23,000 for it. Any information you guys have will be greatly appreciated.
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