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  1. This website sucks to navigate with a phone. I can't find ****** with all the adds
  2. Just got my truck back from the dealership. The engine was replaced under warranty at 44,212 miles. Intake lifter in cylinder 7 failed and tore up the cam, which sent metal throughout the cam bearings. I want to disable the Active Fuel Management. How is the Range Technology AFM Disabler(Holley product)?
  3. It took a few miles to reactivate. It's working now thank god. Those things aren't cheap.
  4. Need some direction here folks. Last week my wife had a flat tire on our 2017 Silverado. It was still reading 4psi when I took the tire off, and put the spare on. Had the tire fixed, attempted the relearn procedure several times, but it still will not read the sensor. Drove the truck a bit, thinking maybe the sensor has to wake up with tire movement, yet still nothing. Am I missing something, or did the sensor shit the bed?
  5. I have a camper shell on my 2017. When my wife gets back with the truck, I'll grab you the wire colors that the harness is tapped into.
  6. This link is redirecting me back to this post. Can anyone verify if this was deleted?
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