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  1. I've got 1600 miles on mine. I'm getting real world about 16.5mpg with the computer telling me 18. I've got a 3500 Long Bed SRW and live in CO at around 7k elevation. Drive about 50/50 city/highway. I started using Standyne at about 1000 miles and did notice about a 1mpg increase.
  2. I contacted DuraFlap and they are still developing their drill less mud flaps for our trucks. They didn't give me an ETA.
  3. Yes, lithium battery recycling is still in its infancy but does that mean not to try new technologies? Diesel trucks were 60 times more polluting 30 years ago than they are today. I wanted to wait for the Tesla truck but realized there is no infrastructure for it. Current Tesla charging stations are made for their current cars and SUVs. There is no way a truck is going to fit in those charging spaces. And there is no way to conveniently charge when towing. It's going to take at least 5-10 years for them to build out a truck charging network. Back on topic, I like how those coal rolling asshats pretend they're removing emissions equipment to bulletproof the engine.
  4. As a Tesla owner I have experienced this several times. I don't get why using new technology deserves to be shit on by old technology. I recently read an article that some believe recycling and being green has a feminine connotation to it. So does that mean being rude, inconsiderate, and destroying the planet is masculine and that is why they roll coal?
  5. So here is what I've found in my research. Below are the relevant dimensions. 2019 Silverado 1500 2020 Silverado 3500 Inside Length at Floor 98.18 (2494) 98.27 (2496) Inside width, between wheelhousing 50.63 (1286) 50.55 (1284) Wall to Wall, bed width 71.4 (1814) 71.4 (1814) It seems that the 2019 1500 Long Bed covers should fit ours which I've confirmed with the Truxedo TruxPort 272201. I'm NOT sure if ALL covers will fit though. My dealer called Retrax which said they're releasing a model that fits in 2 weeks. Bak and Pace Edwards did not give an ETA. I'm only using this cover temporarily as I want to get a Pace Edwards UltraGroove but who knows when that is happening. They don't have that out for the 2019 1500 Long Bed either.
  6. Sorry to resurrect this thread. Can someone with a 19 long bed take some measurements? I have a 2020 3500 Long Bed and the accessories page lists the same covers as the 19 1500 long bed. Just want to make sure they're actually the same dimension.
  7. Anyone with a Long Bed and a Tonneau Cover? I can't find any except what is on the GMC Accessories store. Interestingly, the ones in the store are the same as the 19/20 Sierra 1500 Long bed. Please post pics and Model of what you have.
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