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  1. My 2016 Silverado touchscreen has gone balck and the controls do not work. The raido works, and I can control from steering wheel, but nothing else. Ive tried unplugging radio fuse, disconnecting battery etc, but nothing works. What does the HMI control? If I could narrow it down to the HMI or the touchscreen that may help. Of course I have 36,000 miles on it so just our of warranty probably. No phone or Bluetooth connectivity, no touchscreen controls.... It kinda sucks. The USB ports in the console work to charge phone- but no connectivity to audio. The USB in the glove compartment does NOT seem to charge phone. Does this mean bad HMI? If someone knows what plugs into the HMI please let me know- there are 4 plugs I think total, and I assume one is power or leads. Maybe one is an antenna??? Any help would be great Thanks
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