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  1. I bought the truck new. Drove it off the lot with 11 miles.
  2. I have a 2017 Silverado 1500 that I bought in January of 2017 and has about 65,000 miles. I bought this truck to be a reliable vehicle that I could drive for at least 200,000 miles. Unfortunately, this truck has been a huge disappointment. I have always done all of the regular maintenance and am shocked that I am having any issues with such a new truck. I feel there is no excuse for a relatively new truck to have a check engine late come on intermittently. Side note all of my issues started at 61,000 miles (just 1,000 miles out of the extended warranty). The first problem was the Stabiltrak and power steering messages kept coming on at random. I took the truck into the dealership and they said it needed a new battery (after just 2.5 years) and somehow the sensors for the Stabiltrak were out of line. That was about $400 right outside of warranty, and then not even a week later the check engine light has started coming on. The truck is throwing code P2198 air to fuel bank 2 ratio. I checked the air intake box and the hose clamp securing the air box to the air intake was loose so i tightened it and the light went out (how the hose was loose right after leaving the dealership is a mystery to me). But now it throws the code causing the check engine light to come on every couple of weeks then I wait a day or two and it goes out. No adverse engine indications or anything out of the norm, until this morning. I started the truck and it ran very rough with high rpm and a message of truck running at reduced power came up. I shut it down and when I cranked it again it immediately ran normal (except check engine light on for P2198). I am very disappointed in the performance and even more so the service that my truck and the dealerships have showed me. I am at the end of knowing what to do with this thing and would like to know if anyone out there has some advice on any of the above information.
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