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  1. Yep, I replaced it with the one that went with the new trans.
  2. The original trans sprung a leak and got real hot resulting in roasted clutches, and a lot of slipping. No I'm not certain it was good to begin with, but it just seems very strange to me that the new trans drove and felt perfect for a couple of minutes before failing.
  3. It's for sure a 4l60e, and I blew out the lines before installing so there shouldn't be anything clogging them.
  4. That could be, but wouldn't it break immediately? It drove just fine for about two minutes before losing pressure. I just pulled the trans pan, and the filter is still in place.
  5. I pulled the trans cooler off, and started it. No fluid flow. What could this be? Do I have another blown trans?
  6. Hey guys, I have a 1997 yukon that I just swapped the transmission out on. I replaced it with one from a 1997 suburban with 190k miles. The truck drove fine for two minutes, and then the rpms just started climbing. It looks like its shifting from in the truck but the rpms stay constant when shifting into and out of park. It wont move at all, and just revs regardless of the gear I put it in. Any ideas?
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