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  1. I have a Silverado factory sports bar that is off a 2019 and want to install it on a 2018 model. Dealer said they are the same, same part # etc. That being said I have two issues. 1) The guy said the back posts were drilled directly into the bed rails. All the videos i seen have a special bent plate that has some bracket underneath to connect to, as seen in the attached picture where i circled in red of the bent plate that i speaking of. Then i attached two pictures of what i have. As you can see. i have two posts on the bottom side. I assume it is to attach that bent plate that i was previously mentioning. Except the one with the bent plate almost looks like it is welded to the post. I was told they do have an install kit for 220. I rather take off those tips and just bolt them if i have, before spending 220. Any ideas or suggestions. I was hoping i am missing something and dont have to modify the sports bar. 2) My sports bar has the wire harness for the rear brake coming out on the passenger side. All installation videos and diagrams that i have seen, show it coming out the driver side. It doesnt look like someone did that on their own. It even has spot for the wire to go there. But i cant find any details for it being installed on the passenger side. Any ideas? Any help on this would be appreciated.
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