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  1. I suppose I could have. May still need to. I spent 30 years in my past life working with factory auto engineers from the field sharing and convincing them there was something brewing and contributed to numerous factory TSB’s. It always blew me away how they would quietly share back that “This is a problem”. There were many issues where I was the first to ring the bell. I now know very little but that same alarm goes off.
  2. Boeing and Hitachi were pretty sure about things as well. I appreciate the reasonable responses so I’ll just note that I threw the penalty flag while standing outside of my 3,000 mile new truck listening to the starter spin until I jumped back in and stopped it. I will update this post should a software anomaly with the start stop remote start systems be tied to some of the codes present. Might be more to it. It starts ok today repeatedly with no service performed. Thanks all.
  3. So I press the brake pedal and press and release the start button and the starter free wheels for ever until it burns out the starter or I press the start button again to stop the starter. I have never turned a key to start any vehicle and and released the key and it kept free wheeling. If a new Push button start GM vehicle has no flywheel engagement the starter can spin itself out of control with no fail safe? Unless grandma Mabel figures out she has to start the vehicle again to get it to stop trying to start? Odd. At no time is the engine running.
  4. Towed to dealer says it started. 2019 Silverado RST Crew 5.3 left me stranded at zero degrees. I pressed the start button and the starter cranked at high rpm without the bendix engaging to crank the engine. I had to press the button to stop it from spinning. Tried several times still only starter spinning. Roadside tow last night to dealer. Dealer said started fine had a few codes ie fuel pump etc. said come and get it NPF. Now that is disappointing from a reliability trustworthy stand point. Curious if anyone has heard of this symptom. 3024 miles on vehicle.
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